What is the best way to book domestic flights in India?

What is the best way to book domestic flights in India?
What is the best way to book domestic flights in India?

With the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions, Indians are packing their bags again to travel. They are in desperate need of an outlet due to months of pent-up frustration to simply relax on a beach or on a mountain with a beautiful view.

However, that means the flights are more expensive now than in the pre-Covid times, but in this article, you can find out the best ways to book a cheap domestic flight in India.

Compare online

There are several new players in the online ticket booking market, so you’re sure to find a good deal when you compare across sites.

Newer platforms offer promotional cash-back guarantees, lowest fare challenges, first-time user discounts, and some even charge zero convenience fees. You can get much cheaper tickets on comfortable flights if you go through such services. 

Plan Your Travel Well

Planning your travel can save you a lot of trouble. Your travel date, time, airline carrier, and the airport can all contribute to your flight charges. Here are some tips you can follow to avoid having to pay more than you need to:

Avoid holidays if possible: 

Your travel dates determine to what extent airline carriers can charge a surge fee. Be it Dussehra or Diwali; the festival season sees an increase in demand for air tickets. This year, compared to the previous pandemic-ridden year, pre-bookings for Diwali rose by 450%! Accordingly, airlines are hiking up their rates.

Travel during the non-festival season if possible, to avoid paying higher airfares.

1. Do not travel on weekends:

The cheapest flights are found on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Weekend flights can cost up to 40% more than weekday flights. Plan your trip in advance to avoid traveling on weekends. The reduced footfall in airports also makes for a more pleasant flying experience.

Additionally, if you can be flexible with your time, it will save you money. Typically, early morning or late night flights are much cheaper.

2. Book a Round trip 

An average one-way trip from Guwahati to Delhi costs Rs.5600, whereas a round trip can cost just Rs. 8300 on the whole!

3. Book one month in advance

The point can’t be stressed enough – book at least one month in advance. Prices can increase by 100% if you book on short notice. A ticket that costs Rs.3000 when you book one month in advance will easily cost you Rs.5300 if you book it one week in advance! If you are more than one passenger, it is simply a criminal waste of your money.   

4. Check for nearby airports

Large airports charge high passenger service fees, user development fees, and other service fees. It is passed on to you by the airlines via a costly flight ticket. If possible, look for airports that are not in metro cities.

5. Check for add-ons

Some airlines can give you discounts on additional facilities, like in-flight meals, extra luggage, and lounge facilities. If you do not need these facilities, be sure to double-check that they are not added by default in your ticket fare.

6. Take advantage of frequent-flyer discounts

Airlines offer several benefits to frequent flyers – such as free upgrades, lounge facilities, in-flight meals, and priority boarding and de-boarding. If you generally fly by the same airlines, be sure to ask about their loyalty program.

In conclusion:

While traveling can be exciting, planning for it can be a headache. With the tips in this article, you can make your domestic flight booking experience a little less traumatic. Check with multiple online booking services to see which one can give you the best value for your money.