What is CISF ASI job role and Duties?

What is CISF ASI job role and Duties?
What is CISF ASI job role and Duties?

Every year the Staff Selection Commission of India conducts the examination to recruit talented candidates for different designation in CISF. The candidates with their eligibility apply for numerous posts. The designation of ASI attracts the maximum number of candidates as it comes with huge perks and benefits.

The ASI gets the best salary, the job role is impressive but comes with a myriad of responsibilities. The career growth and promotion chances are excellent with years of service in the department.

Here, we have explained a few things about the job of ASI.

Introduction to Job Profile

Central Industrial Security Force is an armed force in India operating since the 90’s and has been serving the government for years. CISF has numerous vacancies every year in the different departments of India.

If in case someone missed the ASI job can apply for CISF Tradesman recruitment. The candidate should remain aware of the CISF Tradesman exam date to enroll to build a secure and better future in the organization that offers plenty of benefits and perks.

The above mentioned is an example to show the candidate has plenty of opportunities in CISF. CISF’s main role is to provide security to different departments of the country. The departments include seaports, airports, powerplants, nuclear installations, space establishments, government buildings, monuments, and more.

The job role of Assistant Sub Inspector is major as it involves dealing with the control room and field Team. We have mentioned some duties of ASI in different departments.

  • Airport: At the Airport, the role of ASI involves checking and providing security and reporting them at the end.
  • Clerical: The role of ASI in clerical work involves the maintenance of files from different administration departments.
  • Industrial: The ASI provides security in different public sector industries.
  • Search and Seize: The ASI has the authority to search the location and if any suspicious activity is found, they can instantly seize the property and take charge of the belongings.  Any illegal activity can lead to severe punishments and loss of money.

Growth Prospects

The candidate has given years trying to get the best job and make a stable living out of the same. CISF every year recruits numerous candidates across India.

ASI should have completed five years of service in the department to get eligible for the promotion. The promotion depends on the performance, years of work, recommendations, and more. The competition is huge for candidates applying for ASI. It has candidates from different departments competing against you for the designation. The promotion comes a hard way as CISF considers every aspect of every deserving candidate.

To get promoted in CISF, the candidate has to do something out of the box. Everyone performs their job roles and duties. The candidate who invests more time works extra towards their job has more chances than the other candidate. There are various opportunities in CISF if one doesn’t get the Sub Inspector can apply for Assistant Commandant. 

Every department has its own set of perks. The candidate gets the best rewards for their services rendered and has a better and secure future ahead.