Ukraine- Fee structure and comparison to Indian private medical fees

Ukrainian Medical Schools
Ukrainian Medical Schools

So why are Ukrainian medical schools better than Indian private medical schools in terms of fees?  Why Indian students keep on choosing Ukrainian medical schools over and over again? Does the low cost of tuition fees means Ukrainian universities compromise with the quality of education, they render? The answers to all of your queries are here!

Doubtlessly, the best universities of Ukraine like Ternopil medical University, Bukovinian State Medical University, Ivano Frakivsk University, Bogomolets National Medical University, and Lviv Medical University are not only listed amongst the world ranking but also cost reasonably low in tuition fees. It is pleasantly surprising that the lesser fees did not at all affect the great quality of education, rendered here.

Honestly speaking, getting enrolled for MBBS in Ukraine, is simply the best decision you’ll ever make. Moreover, when we compare the fees of MBBS Ukraine with that of India, this fee structure is the most economical alternative for Indian students who wish to pursue a career in medicine.

You might be thinking about whether the MBBS degree of Ukraine is valid in India or not? Well, to put all your doubts to rest, it is fully valid. However, you can confirm by checking the list of MCI approved universities along with their passing ratio in the screening test on the official website of MCI (now NMC). As a person, the list, the universities with the most number of Screening test qualifying students is Lviv National Medical University and Ternopil Medical University.

A point to be noted, scholarship for MBBS in Ukraine is a myth, and those consultants who assure you the same, are no less than a fraud. Landing back to the origin, all of the top 10 medical universities have the most affordable tuition fee that is between 3-4 Lacs.

Furthermore, here comes the most attractive point on why you should select Ukraine medical institutes over Indian private medical colleges. Like I said just now, to get admission in a State Medical University in Ukraine, you just need to qualify NEET. Indeed, you heard it right! Merely by qualifying NEET, you can fetch a seat for MBBS in Ukraine, that too, in a budget-friendly manner.

To be more specific, if you chose to go for Indian private medical colleges, you will have to pay a huge sum of tuition fees, i.e. 75 Lacs. On the contrary, Ukrainian medical universities provide you a better quality of education at an affordable tuition fee which is almost 1/3rd of Indian private medical colleges. To find more information, you can simply read about MBBS Ukraine, or you can go for reviews from the alumni themselves, on the official website of Moksh. In case you are a medical aspirant, you must be aware of the fact that only 2-3% of the total appeared NEET students get a seat in an Indian Government Medical University, and the rest you know, go for another drop year. Moksh says, why waste another year when you can pursue your medical career with the same, in fact, a better quality of education, in Ukrainian universities? Think about it for once and then make the right choice. For more details, you can always visit Moksh on the web or walk into any of their 35+ branch in India.