Types of Mattresses & Their Benefits

Types of Mattresses & Their Benefits
Types of Mattresses & Their Benefits

Sleep is as essential as working out and eating healthy. Without enough sleep, you may get a variety of sicknesses. Health experts have been warning people for ages about the importance of getting enough (5-7 hours) sleep. And for a good sleep, you need the perfect setting such as dim or dark lighting, a calm environment, chill temperature, and a nice comfortable bed/mattress. The bed is actually the one item you must focus on, and if your bed is not up to the mark, you should search beds online and get a brand new one.

An excellent mattress can change the way you sleep, which means the better the mattress, the better the sleep you will get. The article will list the types of mattresses you can choose from for a great good night’s sleep.

Types of beds/mattresses available online are:

Air mattress

These are inflatable beds that gained popularity in the last few years. It has become a great choice for millennials because of its portability. The mattress is actually a bag with a bed shape made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)that can be inflated according to your choice. Since the inflation is controllable, the user can adjust the firmness—mainly used as an extra bed for guests’ stayovers.


  • Easy to store
  • highly portable
  • Firmness can be controlled
  • No sagging

Spring mattress

If you know coil mattress, you can easily understand the spring mattress. This mattress has hundreds of tiny springs that give it a bouncy effect. These small springs exert an equal amount of pressure you put on them, making them a good mattress for body support.


  • Very bouncy
  • It offers excellent support to the back of heavy people (good for backaches)
  • Affordable

Foam mattress

It could be the most popular one in the market worldwide. Well, why wouldn’t it be? When people look for beds online, they choose the foam mattress most of the time. Why? These mattresses have foams instead of coir or spring; hence, they feel soft and spongy. There will be small gaps/pockets in the foam where the air will be trapped, making this mattress super soft and comfy. Though the initial models used to sag after a few years, the brands have developed some new methods to stop the sagging, and one way is to put an extra layer of padding.


  • Best for people with back and neck pain
  • Long lifespan
  • No motion transfer like spring mattresses (movement of another person will not disturb you)
  • Retains heat; hence best for winter
  • Cheaper than a coir mattress

Latex mattress

It is the exact opposite of a foam mattress. People choose latex beds for a particular reason, i.e., their ability to regain their original shape as soon as their body leaves its surface. The bed is made by combining reflex foam or spring with latex foam.

There are two types of latex mattresses:

  • Natural latex- is extracted from the sap of a rubber tree and is eco-friendly.
  • Synthetic latex- is made in a lab with chemicals and is not eco-friendly.


  • Great for people suffering from neck and back pain
  • Bouncy
  • Natural latex is eco-friendly due to the lack of chemicals
  • Do not retain heat; hence great for summer
  • Resistant to dust and allergies
  • Longer lifespan

There are some more varieties of beds, such as coir and memory foams which are similar to spring and foam mattresses but with a slight difference. Whatever mattress you order online, ensure that they have the qualities/features you want. And remember Mattresses Australia could be all you need for a comfy & good night’s sleep.