Top Streetwear Styling Ideas for Women

Streetwear Style Ideas for Women With PJ Poetic Justice
Streetwear Style Ideas for Women With PJ Poetic Justice

Streetwear is a fashion style that became popular in the 1990s worldwide. It combines New York’s hip-hop fashion, California’s surf cat culture, and Japanese urban fashion elements. It mainly focuses on casual and comfy outfits like jeans and t-shirts. Such an amalgamation of different cultures makes it popular among the masses. The young generation with a craze for elegance embraces such fashion.

Does the exuberant hip-hop culture give you an adrenaline rush? Is an easygoing attitude your dope? Welcome to the class of streetwear styling. 

It’s a form of clothing that looks cool and elegant and makes a head-turning statement. Most streetwear styles for women focus on going off the track from the usual fashion trends. 

Because of its trendiness, some think streetwear is only for young women. On the other hand, there is a misconception that streetwear does not suit chubby women. Well, I would say it’s for those women who remain young in their hearts. 

Although there is no set pattern for streetwear fashion, still, there are some styling ideas that remain evergreen. 

This blog will discuss the best streetwear style for women. So, let’s get started. 

Destroyed jeans: 

When it’s about streetwear, the destroyed jeans top the list. Such jeans are evergreen and add a carefree spark to the aura. Destroyed jeans come in various designs and provide ample styling options. You might have witnessed the young university girls wearing such jeans and hanging out with their boyfriends. However, even married homemakers can wear destroyed jeans and be a part of the fantastic urban look. 

Types of destroyed jeans

  • Acid wash jeans

For western fans, acid wash jeans are unique and well-known. A white and blue spotty jeans design gives the wearer a stunning image. It is widely worn on campuses, on outings, and by celebrities, among other places. You can couple such jeans with a crop top and make a sizzling style statement. 

Highly Distressed Jeans

The high-distressed jeans design is ideal for women’s contemporary, energetic look, and it makes a strong stylistic impact and can be rather noticeable. As a result, it is ideally suited to fashion shows and similar gatherings. But surprisingly, it has taken place even in street fashion styles for women

Knee cut-out jeans

Knee cut-out jeans are for women with a relaxed yet formidable aura. It is jeans that never fail to entice handsome men with superb elegance. Such jeans are ideal for the college campus and happening parties. 

Bermuda shorts: 

Nothing makes a woman look cooler during summer than Bermuda shorts. A perfect casual top is all that is needed to make you look like a carefree girl with no compulsions. 

Bermuda shorts, which end just above the knee, can make even the longest legs appear short. Wearing a heel is a modern and straightforward method to lengthen the height when wearing this style. Choose a versatile and fun heel, such as a tall, strappy heel or a playful kitten heel.

Wide leg pants and jeans:

Wide legs and jeans are the trending fashion in the streetwear style for women. Some might find this fashion intimidating, but it looks incredible and attractive. A cropped jacket is among the most beautiful things to pair with your wide-leg jeans. Cropped jackets are ideal for making your waistline look small while being warm and fashionable and making you look sizzling. 

Denim skirts:

Denim skirts are bold and elegant and never go out of fashion. They are a good pick for the streetwear styles for women. Haven’t you seen celebrities in typical street scenes wearing denim skirts? Many urban women denim brands offer a wide range of beautiful denim skirts online. 

Denim skirts come in different colors and styles and go well with tops, shirts, and t-shirts. They also come in a destroyed jeans pattern and give you a perfect carefree city look with a subtle touch of western elegance.

Denim shirts:

It’s all about making your style statement. A denim shirt with folded sleeves, skinny jeans, and long boots will give you the perfect rough and easygoing look. Such a look is also a fusion of western, contemporary, and retro looks. Beautiful glasses will add more elegance and sharpen the endpoints of the aura—many online urban women denim brands have the best denim shirts online.

To make the appearance more carefree, you can couple your denim shirt with baggy jeans. Baggy jeans are known to be more casual intrinsically than any other jeans, and you have to be in a different mood to wear them.

Midi dresses:

Some might disagree that a midi dress is not among the typical streetwear styles for women, and I beg to differ. The best thing about the midi dress is that it can be worn throughout the year due to its size, making it perfect streetwear. Depending on the city, midi skirts are worn in the spring, summer, fall, and possibly even winter. 

Different types of midi attires:

Bodycon midi attire: 

A bodycon midi attire has a tighter fit than a regular midi dress, and it clings to your body, highlighting your curves like your hips, waistline, and buttocks.

Bardot midi attire:

A Bardot midi attire offers a classy design with an off-the-shoulder look. Bardot Midi attires are a popular option for weddings and the spring/summer seasons but can also be worn as street fashion. 

Long sleeve midi attire: 

During the wintertime, long sleeve midi attires provide warmth and coverage. They’re elegant, show off your shapes without being as stiff as a bodycon dress, and are ideal for street fashion. Long sleeve midi attires are your pick if you want to retain a balance between the western and street touch.

Mini dresses:

Mini dresses like jumpsuits are ideal for a sizzling street look and are the perfect outfits when hanging out with your boyfriend. They are your pick if you are among the women with the utmost confidence about your body shape. Consider making a list of designs and colors you like the most and start shopping for them online. You can explore a wide range of jumpsuits online and compare the pricing.

Short sleeve top:

Want to showcase your arm to draw the attention of handsome men? Wear a short sleeve top. Short-sleeve tops are breezy and comfortable and make a unique style statement. Such classic tops have been there for a long time, but they never go out of trend. These tops come in cool and funky patterns and are a good pick for the street look. Whether your bicep is bulky or toned, wearing a short sleeve top with confidence is the essence of this attire. 

To sum up: 

Streetwear is a fashion style without any concrete definition, and fashion is all about what makes you feel confident and comfortable. In many studies, it has been proven that attires can have a positive psychological impact. Wearing anything for the happiness of others kills the purpose of fashion and styling. 

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