Top School In Jaipur For Your Child’s Best Educational Future

Top School In Jaipur For Your Child’s Best Educational Future

Education is very important for all and any person, education does not simply mean educating the person for the academic session but also preparing oneself for living in society. The top school in Jaipur sets out a very prominent educational system, which is remarkably beneficial for the students. Not only academic but overall development is very important for the person. School life is said to be the most important phase in the children’s life as this is the place where their personality is carved and groom the students for their bright future.

 VSI International English Medium School in Jaipur supposed to be the top school in Jaipur revolves around the all-round development of the students. The faculty members in the top school in Jaipur are quite prominent in their relevant field, they mold the personality of the student in the best way to bring out the positive results in each student. Here the children discover their abilities and proceed towards the path favorable for them. The students not only work on academic growth but physical and social growth too, which is extremely crucial nowadays. So the top school in Jaipur provides the best educational future to your child.

Admission Procedure

The admission procedure of the top school in Jaipur is quite easy, one has to visit the reception of the school and get a form. All the further documents to be submitted with the form is specified in the form. The enrolment fee needs to be paid along with the form and other documents. For lower classes, there are age criteria like for playgroups a child has to be 2.6 yrs old while for nursery students the age should be above 3yrs. One can visit the school office and get any sort of further information regarding the admission procedure.

Facilities Delivered By The Top School In Jaipur

The top school in Jaipur has set up immense facilities for the advancement of their students:-

1.     Smart classrooms:- Today the generation has become advanced in every single sphere, so the base of the education system should be strong enough to walk shoulder to shoulder with the technology today, so the top school in Jaipur has designed the smart classroom in the school where the students can get the knowledge concerning technology.

2.     Library:- In the school’s library, one can find numerous books with diverse knowledge any student can go and acquire. A library is a place where all students can find books matching their interests.

3.     Computer classes:- By utilizing the high tech facilities today, everything can be done online, if one knows methods of using the computer. The computer class nowadays is of utmost importance so mostly every school has made it compulsory.

4.     Playground:- The top school in Jaipur provides a big playfield with the finest equipment to help the child grow physically and learn through games.

5.     Math Lab:- This room is given to the students to make the mathematics easy for them, they can play and at the same time learn maths through the instruments.

6.     Activity leeway:- Students of almost all the age groups are interested in this room as this is the room where the students can freely take part in the activities they are concerned with. This room is occupied with massive tools taking into account the comfort of the students.

7.     Transportation:- The top school grants the means of transportations to the students from playgroup to 12th standard. There are two Ac busses owned by the students for the purpose of transportation, the well-qualified staff is involved in transportation.

8.      Security of the students:- The school takes every bit of safety actions for the students. The student of any age group can be influenced by the negativity around them so the school takes the responsibility to handle students with the utmost care and keep them away from negativity.

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There are multitudinous awards presented to the students in compliance with their abilities:-

  • 100% attendance record
  • Versatile student
  • Excellent monitor
  • Foremost scorer student
  • Best student

Fee Structure

  1. Fine of Rs 10 per day for the late fees.
  2. The fee for each month has to be cleared within the 15th of the month.
  3. Once the payment is paid, it will be impossible to refund it.
  4. The school has the right to cancel the admission of the student whose fee has not to be paid.
  5. If the cheque given by the parents bounces then parents are liable to face the consequences and penalty of the bank.

Location of the top school in Jaipur

The address of the top School in Jaipur is easily accessible and the address is Vsi International School, Sec, 5 Pratap Nagar, Tonk Road Sanganer, Jaipur (Raj) 302033.

Contact Information

For any query, one can always mail the school and the mail id is For any further information regarding the school’s program, one can dial 9309305656 and 0141-2793080.

With all these facilities VSI international English medium school is considered the top school in Jaipur, the educational system provided here plays a vital role in carving the personality of each and every individual.