Top 4 Residential Neighbourhoods of Mumbai

Top 4 Residential Neighbourhoods of Mumbai
Top 4 Residential Neighbourhoods of Mumbai

It’s often easy to make your decision once you have the majority’s opinion on the subject. The same goes for the question of where you should live in Mumbai. This is a question that runs in the mind of everyone who is in the process of moving to the metropolis. 

Comparing the transactions and the demand as per the reviews and aspirations of people from around the country, here’s a list  of areas you should check out if you want to invest or rent in Mumbai:

Altamount & Peddar Road

If you’ve seen glorious 2 bhk flats for sale in south Mumbai, you probably know how Altamount communities are like. Known as the billionaire’s row, the area houses some of the most expensive ultra-luxury residential buildings such as the Antilia. The notable personality, Mukesh Ambani has his billion-dollar mansion situated in the area.

Although it’s a busy commercial area that has all kinds of markets surrounding it, the location enjoys accessibility to all the main landmark attractions of Maharashtra. The Imperial as well as the Lodha Altamount are more prominent under-construction projects that already have their reputation preceding them. Being the most expensive buildings, it’s no wonder the most expensive apartment sale in India recently involved a unit from these skyscrapers.


Being close to the sea gives Worli historical and cultural significance in the eyes of the city’s residents. Everyone understands the value of a residential unit in Worli since they all know who lives in the area. Again, the presence of celebrities such as Yuvraj Singh, Virat Kohli, Abishek Bachchan, and the like have added to the reputation of the area.

Apart from the fandom, Worli also gets a lot of attention from buyers who wish to enjoy the security and privacy that the area offers. Kids of all ages can find entertainment options in a secure neighborhood.

With cinemas and theatres located in one direction and top-notch restaurants in the other, it’s hard to think of reasons you’d want to go out. Since you’re also close to the sea, taking a stroll through Worli Sea Face proves to be a serene experience that’s best enjoyed when shared with a close one.

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Bandra is not just a renowned locality for top-notch residences but it’s also famous for nestling tons of businesses and commercial retailers inside. Divided into Bandra East and West, this community is the public favourite. In terms of locality, the main city attractions and key points of interest are all conveniently nearby. 

Connected with the main city and offering a side entryway from the Worli Sea Link, Bandra boasts of the perfect lifestyle.

Rightly called the Queen of Suburbs, this neighbourhood has earned its reputation throughout the country. From anywhere in India, you’ll find people admitting their aspirations to be a part of the community.

One of the many reasons for this includes the fact that some very notable celebrities live in the area. This also goes to say how expensive the neighbourhood must be. However, when comparing the value and cost, everyone thinks it’s justified.


Most famous for its beach, Juhu is another amazing neighbourhood that appeals to couples and families alike. The amenities and facilities offered in and around Juhu make for a comfortable living.

Although not as luxurious and elegant as the other communities mentioned above, Juhu still provides a lavishly comfortable lifestyle. You can find high-end gymnasiums, fitness centers, and tons of parks in the surroundings for your outing. All you have to do is go outside your Seaview apartments and have a rug with you to spend the day and watch the sunset.

If you’re in the mood to go out, the beach offers more than just the sand for a picnic. Several retailers and food vendors are bound to be on the beachfront at any time of any day. All tourists that make it to Mumbai are bound to be found in the Juhu area because of its scenic beauty and pristine waters of the sea.

As with other top communities in India, Juhu has its reputation taken up a notch due to the presence of celebrities in the area. Hema Malini, Varun Dhawan, Sonam Kapoor, and Akshay Kumar are some of the names of celebrities you’ll find living in the Juhu area. 

You can find several localities that appeal to your particular niche and interest. However, these are the most demanded locations in the city of Mumbai that the public loves. If you have any other recommendations for the list, feel free to mention them below!