Tips To Remain Young For Long
Tips To Remain Young For Long

Physical health is an essential requirement for your life. If you want to experience life and all its possibilities in the best way, you need to remain active and take proper care of your mental and emotional health.

Unfortunately, despite the dire need of attention towards one’s physical fitness, not many people are serious about taking conscious steps to maintain their health. This is the reason why many people start to suffer from physical ailments at a very young age.

One example is back pain. Many youngsters have started to experience back and joint pains these days because of their posture or other reasons. Even though there are various ways to treat these pains at a young age like Ayurvedic treatment for back pain, or practicing asanas of yoga, these pains may start to take over one’s capability to move freely affect one’s life.

Another example is obesity. A simple mechanism in our bodies allows the body to store some fat in various parts. This is like a savings account. One can use their savings, fat in this case, when there is a need. Most people tend to have wrinkles on their bodies as they turn old. This is a result of the body utilising the stored fat for extra energy because, at an older age, it becomes harder to synthesise enough energy to perform the basic life functions.


By being the most evolved species, you enjoy the perks of high intelligence and emotions, but this does not make you any different in terms of the basic nature of life as compared to the other species.

All living beings have an expiration date in terms of physical bodies. You are slowly oxidising by the process of breathing. Your body accumulates energy in matter form, which comes together in the cellular form to become a part of a centrally controlled system.

This allows the body to perform various complicated functions essential for life. But, the truth is that your body is dying every second as you breathe and this complex unit of matter will one day stop performing the vital functions, and that is when you die.

As you get old, your physical machinery tends to become weak, and it can no longer perform life functions and generate energy. This is seen in how one’s heart, kidney, or bones act differently and not remain the same as before.

With ageing, you may even develop diabetes, cholesterol, mental disorders, skin, and hair related problems.


You cannot go against the will of nature, but you can delay getting old by following some simple habits.

  1. SUNLIGHT: Sun can be very beneficial for the bones as it is a source of vitamin D that is needed for the body to synthesise calcium. For the skin and hair, sun exposure can be a harmful agent that tends to make the skin look dull, promotes age spots, and makes the hair dry and damaged.

    You should limit your exposure to sunlight to about 15-20 minutes each day and use a sun protectant or sunscreen to prevent yourself from the harmful effects of the sun. Using a serum or grapeseed oil mixed with water on washed hair will protect the hair strands from the harmful UV rays.
  1. EXERCISE AND YOGA: Physical fitness can be achieved and also maintained by performing physical activities regularly from a young age. You can keep the bones and joints moving and in good shape by taking stairs rather than an elevator.

    Performing yoga and especially asanas or poses can allow the body to stretch and maintain a good posture. There are poses to help the joints, neck, and back pains. If you develop any problems at an early age, it is better to opt for Ayurvedic treatment for back pain or neck pain as they have no side effects while also helping with the recovery in a natural way.
  1. STAY POSITIVE: One important secret to remain young and youthful is to have an optimistic outlook towards life. Most people who live long are the ones who enjoy their lives to the fullest, gracefully flow with their circumstances, are kind, and always have a sense of humour. You should be able to laugh at your failures and enjoy your successes. This is essential for a fulfilled life.