The Usage of Moldavite in Handmade Silver Jewelry
The Usage of Moldavite in Handmade Silver Jewelry

The Usage of Moldavite in Handmade Silver Jewelry

The usage of Moldavite in handmade silver jewelry
The usage of Moldavite in handmade silver jewelry

With a stunning green glass-like appearance and benefits like spiritual transformation, this gem is one of its kind. Fifteen million years old, Moldavite has a wrinkled or folded appearance. It is famous for the inclusions of bubbles and swirls. Jewelry lovers are fond of its sculptured appearance. Formed as a result of a meteorite impact, the gem is powerful and has high vibrations that can help accentuate other crystals’ vibrations.

Moldavite jewelry attracts the onlooker because of the rawness of the gem but has also become famous for its emotional and physical healing properties. Gazing into this moss green gemstone is believed to connect a person with the cosmic powers and his higher spiritual self.

The fascinating result of Ries Impact Crater in Germany, Moldavite is found in Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany. The resulting formations fell back into the atmosphere during the collision of meteorite parts with the terrestrial rock. These formations then rained in the Czech Republic, which then converted into Moldavite. Dr. Joseph Mayer first discovered the green stones in the year 1786. 

Moldavite got its green color from the iron content and some olivine from the original meteorite.

Tips for preserving Moldavite Jewelry

Moldavite is Also Called Tectite

Another name for Moldavite is Tektite. When a meteorite hits the earth in specific conditions, it forms tektites. Tektites are a sub-category of the meteorite family. It is found in shapes like teardrops, tubes, barbells, individual branches, and ornamental kale leaves.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Setting the Trends

Sterling silver jewelry has always been in fashion. Gemstone lovers like gems fitted in sterling silver. It is also suitable for all occasions.

Silver complements the rich green stone well. Moldavite rings and pendants are the most loved pieces of this gemstone’s jewelry.

Because of its numerous healing qualities and fascinating appeal, Egyptians loved this gemstone jewelry for generations. 

Physical Features of Moldavite

Moldavite’s value depends on its size and color. While green shades are popular, the brown ones also find their place in the heart of jewelry lovers as they show more raw crystal features. While some of its structures are translucent, it is primarily transparent. It has a hardness of 5.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale,

The Increasing Popularity of Moldavite

Because of its rarity, Moldavite is always in demand. And also, because of its connection with extraterrestrial phenomena, this gemstone has gained popularity. 

The gemstone is loved for its healing properties. While it amplifies your meditation experience, it is also beneficial to get rid of the past baggage. It is said to keep you away from negative or imbalanced energies.

It is also considered a bringer of good luck for the wearer. When kept in a room, it is said to transform the aura of the place from negative to positive.

Moldavite and Chakras

Moldavite works with the chakras, mainly with the heart and crown chakra. Due to its alignment with the heart chakra, Moldavite brings love into your romantic and other close relationships. When this gemstone works with the crown chakra, it helps you raise your psychic abilities. 

The crystal aligns with the heart chakra, and so it is advised to wear Moldavite jewelry around your heart. It is said to create a balance in the heart chakra.

Moldavite Creates a Statement Look in Jewelry

When you wear a piece of moldavite accessory, remember a meteorite impact 15 million years ago created the gem. You will garner so many compliments for having a rare collection of gemstone jewelry.

The moss green gem set in sterling silver can be your go-to jewelry piece for almost every occasion. The jewelry with this gemstone creates a statement look. You can also combine other stones with this gemstone jewelry. Amethyst, Quartz go well with this beautiful gemstone. 

Uses of Moldavite Other Than in Making Jewelry

Now we know that Moldavite is not just a beautiful crystal but a gem of so many magical properties. Because of this reason, it is used in products like incense, bath salts, and oils. 

How to Take Care of your Moldavite Jewelry

As all good things require care, moldavite jewelry also needs to be stored mindfully in a cloth-lined case. 

Cleanse the gem before wearing it to focus on its healing aspects. If you believe in manifestation, you will be happy to know that it is said to have wish-fulfilling powers. 

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