The Biggest School in Raipur

The Biggest School in Raipur
The Biggest School in Raipur

Venkateshwar Signature School (VSS) established in the year 2017 has turned out to be the biggest school in the city as of now. The big and spacious area not just makes the school look immensely beautiful but also environment-friendly for the students studying here. 

VSS is not just big in terms of its dimensions and area but also on different other factors. No doubt, it has become also one of the best schools in the city lately to offer high-class education and environment for your children. 

The Infrastructure

When talked about the infrastructure of the school, VSS is spread out at an area of about 25 acres. There are so many elements in this vast area that makes the school the best option for many of the students.

  • Biggest Single Block

The school building is a big block building that is surrounded by lush and green grounds. This building is renowned as the biggest single block school building that is spread out in an area of 2 lakhs square feet. It is one of the biggest school buildings in Chattisgarh as of now. 

  • Tennis Courts:

After the school building, now it is time to discuss some interesting facts about the school campus. Once again, VSS is the very first school in Chattisgarh that has 3 tennis courts on the campus. The authorities have also mentioned that the tennis court area will soon get developed into an AITA academy. 

  • Synthetic Track:

There are different areas for different sports on the campus of VSS. Apart from the tennis courts, there is also a synthetic track field and this makes VSS the 2nd school in Chattisgarh with the synthetic track. 

  • Biodiversity Park:

The playing area of VSS does not just end up at the tennis courts and the synthetic track field. The biodiversity park is another section of the campus that is a major attraction of the school. Students can explore and spend time in this park to have fun and explore new things from nature. Students exploring through the biodiversity park can check out different elements such as the duck pond, the butterfly park, rabbit hole, bird aviary, and fish and turtle experience. 

  • Indoor Gaming:

The gaming zone for the students is not limited to the outdoor areas of the school. The school also has an immense space for indoor games such as fencing, shooting, Judo, Karate, table tennis, and billiards. 

  • Health Club:

Apart from the gaming zones and the open areas, there is also a health club that is dedicated to making the student attain better health physically and mentally. 

  • Art and Culture:

VSS has a number of other areas too apart from the above-mentioned options. The school also makes out space for laboratories, library, music room, dance, seminar halls, auditoriums, and others. All over, VSS offers all the basic as well as extra facilities to the students that make their education and development in the school a much better one. 

Other Factors to Make VSS Big

VSS is not just big because of the infrastructure that it has got. The big-name of the school is also due to other factors that it has. Some of the other highlights that make the school much bigger than many other schools nearby are mentioned here. 

  • The Curriculum:

VSS is affiliated with the CBSE board. But along with the CBSE affiliation, it also follows the curriculum of the Cambridge Examination. This curriculum and syllabus make the school much different than any other schools. Students passing out from this school does not just have proper academic knowledge but also are acquainted with the international mode of education. Thus, such students are ready for the competitions and challenges that they need to tackle when they are appearing for international career opportunities. 

  • The Comfort of the Students:

The comfort of the students is prioritized the most in VSS. The school is centrally air-conditioned with cooling as well as heating systems. Thus, during the summers, the students do not have to suffer the torturous heat and in the winters they do not have to suffer from the chilling cold. All that they need to do is to focus on their studies while staying comfortable inside the classrooms that are completely safer from the temperature outside. 

  • The Digital Facilities:

The classrooms are quite huge and are equipped with high-tech systems so that the students can enjoy the feature of e-learning. Along with the classrooms, the library of the school also comes along with the feature of e-library so that the students can avail the books whenever they need. 

Thus, Venkateshwar Signature School is not just the biggest in terms of infrastructure. The features and the facilities offered by the school also make it is a big success. It is the facilities and special functions available at the school that not just helps in nurturing the students better but also the students love learning and exploring in their own way.