Best Drink to keep hydrated in the Upcoming summer season

Best Drink to keep hydrated in the Upcoming summer season
Best Drink to keep hydrated in the Upcoming summer season

Now the summer season is almost close, and this season brings with it rising temperature, as well as diseases like heat stroke, dehydration, and skin rashes. In summer, most people face the problem of dehydration because of the high temperature and humidity our body loses water in various ways. So, use your productive thinking to keep you safe from all those diseases. Here are some best high-energy drinks for the summer season given below to hydrate our body and fulfill the lack of water in our body. These lifehack drinks are mentioned below that can keep your body hydrated and are easily available in the summer season. So choose the best drink according to your choice using your productive thinking.

  1. Tender coconut water – Coconut water is sweet helps to substitute with cola and soda. This sweet taste does not have any effect of making you thirstier, unlike sugary drinks. Coconut water is a pitta – pacifying Drink that helps you to prevent dehydration, stress, and fatigue because coconut water is a rich source of potassium.
  2. Lime juice or Lemonade – Lime juice is one of the best highly refreshing drinks. Fragrance and a slice of lemon give you energy and freshness. The flavor of salt or honey added to it for the sour and sweet combination is provided you an amazing taste. This Drink helps in secreting digestive juices in your body and protecting it from indigestion, and it removes the dust sticking out of your teeth and provides fresh breath due to the acidic nature of lemon.
  3. Buttermilk (chhach) or Curd drink (lassi) – This Drink is a rich source of vitamins like vitamin B12, calcium, and potassium. Which is essential and beneficial for our digestive system, and it also detoxifies the system. These drinks are also helpful for the elimination of headaches and nausea system.
  4. Sugarcane juice – This juice is almost everyone’s favorite; in other words, it is the universal favorite juice in tropical climates. India has the largest producer of sugarcane. We can mix different spices, mint, lemon, ginger, and black salt to enhance the taste. This juice contains various minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium that provide us instant energy. It is also helpful to relieve stomach and constipation.
  5. Aamka Panna – Aam Panna is a rich source of vitamins like vitamin A and many other minerals. This Drink helps replenish the sodium lost through perspiration in summer. It also helps in good digestion and prevents stomach constipation.
  6. Aloe vera juice – Aloe vera plant is an easily grown plant at home, so you can easily make this high-energy aloe vera drink at home. Aloe vera has an alkaline property that helps to balance the acidity in the body. This Drink also helps to hydrate our body by increasing water content. It is very helpful for the liver and intestine to function optimally. Aloe vera juice is a pitta pacifying Drink that is a rich source of vitamins, like, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E.
  7. Watermelon juice – Watermelon is the fruit of summer that you can eat or drink. Every bite of this fruit contains 90% of water, and the juice of this fruit cools you instantly by physically and mentally. This fruit is rich in fiber. It helps in good digestion by flush out the toxins. This Drink also helps in relieving headaches and fatigue or stress.


Our body is composed up of approximately 70% of the water on average. Water is essential for our diet and our body, but due to the high temperature in summer, our body releases water in various ways. Therefore, is up to you how you can choose the suitable Drink using your productive thinking, Which is also beneficial for your body.