The Best ICO Promotion Strategy for Your Enterprise

The Best ICO Promotion Strategy for Your Enterprise
The Best ICO Promotion Strategy for Your Enterprise

With huge growth in the number of ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) in the market, delivering an engaging message is more important as very few ICO’s turn out to be very successful. 

The Main Aspects Around Which Your ICO Marketing Strategy Should Revolve Are

  • Public relations – The firm has to form a productive relationship with the leading media outlets and share their promotional message far and wide. It can publish press releases on crypto sites and also participate in well-attended roadshows and events. 
  • Advertising – With the big technology companies such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter issuing restrictions on ICO advertising on their platforms, banner advertisements can be issued on top ICO promotion sites and listing networks. A tool such as Google Adwords can be used for planning an effective paid advertising campaign for your ICO. 
  • Community management – Engaging content needs to be shared with the interested community regularly through social media platforms and specialized forums. Direct contact can be maintained with prospective investors through dedicated Telegram channels. Marketing campaigns can be conducted on discussion forums such as Bitcointalk and Reddit. A dedicated community will help you to create a strong foundation for a successful launch of your project. 
  • Focus on your whitepaper – Your whitepaper must convince your investors and fetch significant returns on their investment. Include details about your core idea, legal terms and conditions, cover all the commercial and technological aspects, and inform them how your tokens would be distributed. 
  • Update your website – Make sure that your website has a sleek design and possesses easy navigation. Have separate sections for your ICO project, whitepaper, team members, and a contact form. Use an HTTPS security certificate to make your website secure. It should be SEO-friendly to maintain the confidence of the investors in your project. It is better to not settle for a cheap WordPress template as there will not be anything unique in it. 
  • Publish your project on ICO calendars – ICO calendars function just like Kickstarter or GoFundMe. They contain a list of several ICO projects. You can post regular announcements about your project to generate a positive buzz around your cryptocurrency token. Some of the popular ICO calendars are CoinSchedule, ICOCrowd, and ICO-List. 
  • Indulge in aggressive email marketing – Hire well-versed copywriters to share informative messages via email. Create an opt-in/sign up list and get every individual’s consent before sharing emails to them. You can share newsletters, product updates, and exciting offers to them regularly. Avoid spamming at all costs as it harms your reputation which would affect your ability to send emails in the future. Utilize an autoresponder tool to save time. 
  • Partner with popular ICO influencers – You can give your project a considerable boost by partnering with the leading influencers on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. They will share details of your project with their huge list of followers. 
  • Utilize the power of affiliate marketing – It is a technique where affiliates earn money depending on the number of leads they generate. It is highly cost-effective as you pay only for conversions leading to high-quality traffic. 

The different stages involved in Ico marketing are 

  • Pre-launch marketing – It plays an integral role in the functioning of your overall campaign. It involves announcing your project to the crypto community along with a detailed roadmap. Answer all questions asked by the investors to maintain trust in your project. Decide on the economics of the token, its supply, the number of tokens reserved for future development, and fix a value for the token. A unique value proposition should be presented to your target audience. 
  • Post-launch marketing – Once the coin is officially launched in the market, keep investors in the loop of future developments. Share news and updates to them regularly. You can also conduct an interactive AMA (Ask Me Anything) session for clarifying any concerns of the investors. 
  • Post-ICO management and product development – After the successful launch of your coin in the market, collect all the funds raised and invest them back into your project. Fulfill all the milestones mentioned in your whitepaper and share regular updates to your interested community. Check your roadmap to see if you are ahead or behind the schedule. Keep your investors informed by posting engaging content on your different social media handles. 
  • Get your coin listed – List your coin on the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. Ensure that the tokens are priced appropriately and are not sensitive to any market changes. Your coin should offer something innovative for it to fetch a high demand and there would be a greater chance for it to get listed as exchanges are highly selective about listing coins due to the huge number of ICO projects being launched these days. Some of the leading exchanges include the likes of Poloniex and Bittrex. The listing charges can be anywhere between $1 million and $3 million. 

Ensure that all your processes are working in perfect coordination with each other. Be very transparent with your investors and do not hide any aspect of your project. Set realistic expectations and aim to achieve them. Hire a dedicated ICO promotion agency that has a solid understanding of your project to drive the desired results. It is not an easy job as a lot of work needs to be done regarding social media management, crowdfunding, paid advertising campaigns, landing page optimization, and website development. It would be easily manageable with the right processes and expertise in place.