A Fashion Blog Info-media- It has been a while now when fashion has massively become the center point of concern in each one of us be it male, female, children of all age groups, youngsters, or else old age people. The very first and a kind of frequent question when we wake-up comes to mind is -“What to wear?” It’s a World-Wide para-amount thing that everyone wants to impress oneself now. According to the market strategy, it is identified that people are comfortable yet to stylish as they carry they mix the vintage style to modern appearances. This is the latest culture and ought to be the trending style considered in the Fashion Industry.


In Year 2020 we can say that the virus as a massive impact on Garment and Fashion Industry.

Although if we move forward the India Garment Industry has now been recognized as the Leading Sector. The Industry has blown away to take heats not only in India but with its intrinsic value the Industry is winning the hearts in Global Markets as well as UK, Germany, Italy, Bangladesh, France, Turkey, and Spain. More than money quality -standards play an essential character in the Garment Industry.

India Market Capitalization- The diversified Garment Industry is growing very fast in a varied range of segments and garment products. The demand for clothes is a never-ending element and thus there are around 2,500 Textile waving Industry and 4,135 Textile Finishing Factories in India. The Indian Garment Industry alone is contributing near about 4% to Indian GPD and Indian Economy.

Opportunities in Indian Garment Industry– With the changing world and nation and the introduction of new products the Garment Industry is directly giving employment to nearly 8 million workers.

RMG- Ready Made Garments- This Ready-Made Garment Industry is one the oldest Industry in India and thus Indian Ready-Made Garments Industry is ranked 6th in Ready-Made Export Garments. Apparently, cities like Indore in Madhya Pradesh and Ludhiana in Punjab are best known for Ready-Made Manufacturers of Garments. Also, the Industry is well known as the largest employment provider for all sector

Top Brands in Garment Industry– People in India and abroad have become more Brand Conscious. The Garment Industry is blooming for both Domestic, Like Van Heusen, Raymond’s, Peter England, Allen Soley, Park Avenue, Mufti, etc. and International Brands namely such as Zara, HM, and Gap. The Garment Manufacturers are able to produce and manufacture product quality as they make ensure to speak with clients in the market effectively make a pace with the trending style and overall production.

NEARLY 1,900 INDIAN Cotton Textile Mills

Eventually, everyone is fighting with this virus and there is no doubt even the Indian Cotton Textile Industry is facing the same crisis.

India’s substantially essential crop cotton is closely dependent on Agriculture Industry, more-over cotton is the largest Agricultural Product. According to the data and research that have taken place, it has been concluded that Indian Agriculture Industry is contributing nearly 18% of India’s GDP. Also, another reality is that the Indian Cotton Industry is particularly generating 125,000 jobs.

Production Horticulture- A sustainable production and growth of cotton crops can take place in the annual filed crops in a temperate climate. Economically under cultivation culture, the cotton is shaped as a seed-hair fiber crop and has become the largest produced Agricultural Crop.

Production Sates in India– World-Wide India is the largest producer of cotton. Cultivation of Cotton gives a livelihood to more than 5.8 Million of farmers in India. When cotton provides so much employment to laborers and workers it becomes mandatory to grow and cultivate cotton in the best fields and some Amount of moderate rains. Maharashtra produces the highest cotton in the Indian States followed by Gujarat and Telangana.

Recent Developments In Cotton Textile Industry– Many Popular Schemes such are Integrated Textile Parks (SITP), Market Development Assistance, Market Access Initiative (MAI) are been inaugurated and become functional by the Government of India and active funds of nearly NR 6,000 cores has been deposited by GOI to improve the Indian Cotton and Garment Textile Industry.

The Current panic is everywhere and thus we can say that not much but yes to an extent the Cotton Garment Textile and Industries has been effected by the Covid 19 Pandemic. Corona virus in year 2020 is a tragic event and a mishappening occurred that played a para-vital role in wrapping up many businesses in India and all over the world.  The recent development repots says that the Colton Textile Industry was anticipated to grow US$ 100 billion in January 2020.  Cotton Mask are the best defensive and non-invasive masks used all over the universe now. Every Garment company have manufactured suitable flooding mask comfortable to breathe in. A great appreciation and applaud should be given to Cotton mask manufacturer who have designed and made 100 %antimicrobial cotton mask. 


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The Textile Industry was the one who has actually given employment to the labor in this crisis. Cotton Textile Industry industry proved to become one of the prominent” Labour Extensive sectors” in the year 2020.

The World’s Economy suggests that Cotton garments manufacturers in India will embrace many new technologies in the upcoming future and moreover the Industry is recovering very fast under the effect of the pandemic virus. Additionally, the Textile and Cotton industry is projected to reach $3.3 trillion in 2030.