The 7 Important Things to Check Before Hiring a Mobile App Developer

Can you imagine a world without mobile phones? Most likely not.

Mobile phones are everywhere, almost everyone has one. It’s very surprising to know that the average adult spends at least 3 hours and 45 minutes on a mobile phone per day. Moreover, the mobile App industry is expected to generate more than $156 billion consumer app spend by 2022.

The need for mobile applications is constantly increasing, that’s an undeniable fact. However, the COVID-19 pandemic further boosted its growth. It is estimated that mobile App downloads grew up by 23.3% since the pandemic. Mobile App sectors related to fitness, food delivery, video streaming, etc., are the ones that had the highest downloads.

What should a mobile App offer

Every App has its own set of functionalities, target audience, motives, etc. We cannot define the App’s characteristics without knowing in-depth knowledge about the business. However, the following are common to guarantee that the user will be satisfied,

  • Fulfill the user’s needs or give ways to overcome those needs
  • Easy to navigate without many complex functions and should accomplish desired actions
  • Excite users and give positive emotions
  • Information is simple to find and the user should access any tabs with ease
  • Good speed with minimum load time
  • Attract more users with its excellent UI/UX designs, animations.
  • Presenting the brand as trusted and credible

To achieve all these, hiring a skilled developer is very critical. Moreover, managing your development team effectively will also play an equal role.

Hire a suitable mobile developer with the help of these points

Generally, you can hire a developer in two ways – a mobile App development company or freelancing websites. If you need a simple App with compact functionalities and general templates, the freelance developer will be a better choice. Instead, if you are looking for a customized mobile App with a great user experience, hire a developer/team of developers from a leading development company.

1. Define objectives

This is the first thing you should think about. Define the objectives for which you are hiring the developer. For instance, are you looking to develop your existing application or need a brand new one. Moreover, analyze the following points to determine the exact need for your App.

  • Are you looking for an iPhone or an Android App developer?
  • Do you want a dedicated App programmer? If yes, do you have any preference for Objective-C, Swift, or X-code?
  • Do you need a developer with hands-on experience working with cross-platform frameworks (React Native, Flutter, etc)?
  • Does your App need to be integrated with GPS and some other mobile technology?
  • Do you need a developer with specific domain knowledge?
  • Does the developer need to be familiar with the process of publishing an App?

2. Write a job description

Include all the information related to what you expect from a candidate. Besides, state about the job and be clear as possible. If you require any project-specific skills, mention them. Moreover, check whether the technical terms are correct.

3. Sourcing the developers

After drafting your job description, it’s time to publish it. You can utilize,

  • Recruitment marketing – You can share your job offer on the Facebook group or as a LinkedIn post. Plus, attending Android conferences, hackathons, meetups can also be useful to hire a developer.
  • Mobile developer communities – You can find many mobile developers from online directories like Get Apps Done and from iPhoneDevSDK, AndroidPit, or Android Forums.
  • GitHub – You can hire developers with the help of keyword search in GitHub or GitLab open-source repositories.
  • Referrals – You can just share the description with your friends/relatives and request to suggest a developer.

4. Shortlisting the developers

After getting some responses, you can shortlist the candidates who will be most suited for your requirements. You can review their CVs and check their previous projects, skills, experience, etc. Besides, you can ask for some examples of past works. If the candidate is able to give links to Google or Apple’s App stores to real Apps that they had worked on, it’s well and good.

5. Technical interview

A candidate can seem too good, but it’s always safe to test their coding skills. After all, mobile App development involves a tremendous amount of coding. Hence, the last thing you want is a person with poor coping skills. You can make use of various coding tests available online. This will be more helpful to know the candidate’s skills and ability than a pen and paper test.

6. Soft-skills interview

Technical skills alone are not enough for smooth App development. Analyze the developer’s communication skills. This is important because the proper flow and understanding of information are necessary to produce the perfect App. Moreover, check whether the developer can work well with others. Since a development team consists of several individuals, you need a good team player.

You can use the behavioral interview questions that start similar to,

  • Tell me about a time when you…
  • Describe a situation when you…

7. Fixing the cost and deadline

This is the last step as it involves fixing the cost and the deadline of the project. Fixing the cost before hiring will help you to avoid any payment troubles in the future. Moreover, planning the marketing strategy can be done efficiently after knowing the probable launch date of the App. Also, don’t forget to complete the NDA signing formality.

Wrapping Up

If you are running a business, developing a mobile App will play a significant role in spreading your brand image. However, you should ensure that your App provides a good user experience and have the ability to interact with customers easily.

This determines whether the application will be successful. Hence, always rely on trusted developers from a leading mobile App development company like Soft Suave. This way you can save a lot of time as well as money since they offer experienced mobile developers at a competitive price.

However, if you need to analyze their skills and expertise, opt for a free 7 days trial. Present a part of your App development and decide how well they operate based on the work.