Surprising Health Benefits of Litchi: The Wonder Fruit

Surprising Health Benefits of Litchi: The Wonder Fruit

The lychee is a native fruit of USA; however, its cultivation has spread to the world’s subtropical areas with the time. In the case of your tree, it reaches a height of between 10 to 12 meters.

It has branches that are low on the trunk, which is both straight and rough, and its bark has a dark appearance, with a dense, cylindrical crown. Its fruits hang in clusters, having a tender and acid pulp, characterized by leaving a rose flavor on the very refreshing palate.

The litchis that arrive at the stores have to be both fresh and ripe, each of them presenting a tone between pink and dark red on the outside and the inside pearly. This fruit is lovely and pleasing inconsistency, which, when used in dishes, gives it new flavors and colors, as well as adequate amounts of nutrients.

How is Litchi preserved and eaten?

This tropical fruit has to be kept in the cold until it is time to consume it; in fact, the appropriate temperatures must be found are between 2 to 4 ºC, having a humidity of 90% more or less. If it does not have adequate refrigeration, it will cause the fruit to lose both its color and deteriorate in short periods.

If the fruit is given a plastic bag, it can be possible to extend the fruit’s life, even about two more weeks. After this time has passed, the lychee will ferment and increase its acidity. This type of fruit can be frozen, this being the preferred method to preserve it. If you like Nature, we recommend reading the World Environmental Crisis.

The lychees can be consumed both canned and fresh. In the latter case, to finish it, an intense tone with a smooth skin must be appreciated, because if it has wrinkled skin, it means that it has suffered a loss of flavor, and when it has wrinkled, the skin begins to darken.

The most common ways to consume this tropical fruit is in salads and fruit salad. Despite this, you can also make different foods and drinks such as soft drinks, smoothies, ice cream, sweets, sauces, jams, among others. Generally, it is used fresh for this type of preparation due to its aroma and sweet taste.


Among the benefits of Litchi that are ideal for wanting to consume this fruit several times a month, we find:

Because it is rich in vitamin C, it is perfect for those who need vitamin contributions and who do not tolerate citrus or vegetables that contain them.

It has high amounts of potassium, and it is low in sodium.

Lychee has a compound known as an oligopoly, an abbreviation for Polyphemus oligomer, which has many benefits because it can reduce fat and exhaustion, improve blood circulation, and increase resistance. As well as helping to reduce wrinkles and age spots.

It helps the immune system since it has high vitamin C contents, perfect for consuming and preventing sore throats, common colds, and inflammations.

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Its high amounts of phosphorus and magnesium maintain healthy bones, helping to keep them strong.

It is one of the few tropical fruits abundant in copper, a mineral that helps develop red blood cells, making it perfect for preventing anemia. Similarly, copper increases vitamin D effectiveness, which is responsible for assimilating the calcium in the body.

The lychee’s fleshy part is a perfect antacid, helping gastrointestinal health, used to treat nausea, heartburn, and dyspepsia.

Its high vitamin B6 is used to combat stress; this vitamin is the anti-stress vitamin.

Since Litchi has few calories and saturated fat, it helps you lose weight, improving blood circulation.

It is a powerful natural antioxidant, ideal for those who have a high content of cholesterol levels.

Its seeds and pulps have fibers, which serve as a natural laxative and have low-fat content.

It prevents cancer cells’ growth since lychee has a high content of polyphenols, a natural chemical that is perfect for people who suffer from cardiovascular problems.


The lychee, due to its widespread cultivation throughout the planet, there are few varieties, each classified by the season in which they are harvested, the characteristics of the fruit, and the type of tree; however, the best known are:

Bengal: it is a good quality fruit with a heart-shaped appearance, it is about 20 grams in average weight, and its skin color is bright red.

Brewster: it has an elliptical shape and weighs about 19 grams, the color of the fruit shines, and its flavor is acidic. Its quality is acceptable, and there is a very similar variety with a smaller size known as Floridian.

Haak Yipo: The fruit has an oval shape and weighs about 17 grams, its red is a matte red, characterized by having excellent quality.

Salathiel: the fruit is oval and weighs between 15 to 18 grams, the flavor is delicious, it has a thick skin, and its color ranges from yellow to deep red.

Tai So: It has an oval or heart-shaped shape and weighs 24 grams, has a bright red color that darkens as it matures, and its flavor is sour-sweet.

Wai Chee: its shape is both round and small, and it weighs about 17 grams; in terms of its flavor, it is sweet and has a red with yellow color.


Among the curiosities of the lychee, we find the following:

  • It is also known as the Chinese plum or as the Chinese grape.
  • It is considered one of the wealthiest fruits that Nature has.
  • This fruit, according to Chinese tradition, is used as an aphrodisiac.
  • Through the flowers, you can obtain honey, which is a highly appreciated element in China.
  • There are varieties of Litchi in Thailand, but they have no seed and are smaller than traditional ones.
  • The peel is used against eczema and dysentery.
  • In some countries like Madagascar, it is used as an aperitif drink.