Stylish Ways in Which Table Runner can be Used

Stylish Ways in Which Table Runner can be Used
Stylish Ways in Which Table Runner can be Used

Have you ever thought of using the table runner the other way round! I mean to say that apart from using the runner as a runner these can prove to be real gold when it comes to decorating the house with them. Whether you want to use them traditionally or up your style game they can really be the game-changer. So it’s time to try new ideas to spruce your home. As a table runner adds colour and texture to your wooden furniture in the same manner it can add to your house beauty wherever it is placed. But the question is where and how you can use it properly?

Different ways to use your table runner

In the bedroom

1. A wall hanging:

How about decorating your dull wall with a bright table runner and add a little life to it! It can create an overwhelming effect in your room. You just need to hang it the right way. Yes! Hang it at the centre of your bed and let it fall down vertically to create a great vision.

2.  A runner for your vanity:

Let your dull vanity brighten up with a bright coloured runner and add spark to it. It is the best place where a woman spends the most important time of her day, looking good! Adding a runner to it not only adds to the beauty of your vanity but also cheers you up. In addition to it keeps your vanity safe, if anything gets spilt you can easily wash it and get going.

3. Your bed footer:

You can also cover the foot of your bed with a runner to make it look good especially if it old and torn. Simply tuck one part of it on the top edge and give your bed a makeover with it.

4. Bed runner:

Its seen in most of the good hotels that a bed runner is used to decorate the beds as it gives a regal look to the bed. The table runner when used as a bed runner can do wonders to your dull bed sheet.

In the Living Room

1. Add a statement to your room

A long sofa can be divided beautifully with the help of a table runner and at the same time will add spark to your furniture. Either make your bright sofa subtle with a solid colour runner or bright it up with a designer one.

2. As a Hideaway

You can cover any shelf or random junk with the help of it. You simply need to cover it with the runner and let it wrap up. Do not throw things that are least needed, just cover them up.

3. A sofa topper

Embellish your simple sofa with a runner at the top to grab eyeballs and make your sofa look attractive. It will surely make your sofa look rich and interesting.

4. Give your old furniture a makeover

Any old furniture in your house; be it, drawers, TV unit or a bookshelf all can get a great makeover with the runner if used in an interesting manner. Use a jacquard print on any of these to make it look lively.

5. A rug

In the corner of your living room, these table runners can serve as rugs as well and you can keep a vase to add to its appearance and beautify it further. Yes, they can look really attractive!

6. A window blocker

Experiment a little bit more and use it as a window blocker. A tall window can be covered with it and add oomph to it by hanging loosely.

At other places

1. A chair cover:

It can be used as a chair cover too with a printed cushion on top of it. Just cover its back or you can also let it run across the arms of the chair and spell its magic.

2. Bean bag Cover:

Have you ever thought of adding a little unique touch to your bean bad=g then do not wait and use the table runner to do the rest for you.

Table runner as table runners

The table runners can be used differently on the table as well. There are many ways in which you can decorate the tables. Firstly, these tables can be put lengthwise as it is used traditionally. Hang the extra material over the edges. Secondly, if you have table cloth with a shorter length then hand them horizontally across the table as it will also allow your beautiful dining table to come into the picture. Lastly, two tablecloths of different colour or patterns can intersect on the table to create a unique look further making it appealing with the colorful tea coaster. The innovative ideas used on the table not only add to the beauty of it but also increase the taste of the dishes and create warmth among the people who sit there.