Shop Sports and Fitness Gear at These Top 10 Retailers

Shop Sports and Fitness Gear at These Top 10 Retailers
Shop Sports and Fitness Gear at These Top 10 Retailers

If you’re going to give sports or fitness a try, you need the right gear. That might mean a new pair of sneakers, a yoga mat, or even some specialty gear like scuba diving equipment. Fortunately, there are a free wealth of retailers and brands out there that can help you out. From startups with innovative takes on traditional gear to stalwarts with decades in the industry under their belts, these are our favourite places to shop for sports and fitness:


Amazon is an international online shop and a great place to shop for sports equipment and online fitness gear. The online marketplace has a wide selection of brands, such as Under Armour, Nike, and Adidas. Amazon also offers customers a good return policy on all items sold through the site. And if you have questions about your purchase or anything else related to your order, you can contact customer service via phone or email 24/7/365.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

If you are looking for a sports gear online store, Dick’s Sporting Goods is a chain of sporting goods stores. The company was founded in 1948 by Richard “Dick” Stack and his father, Joe Stack.

You can buy all types of sports gear online here. The company was originally called “Dicks’ Sport Shop”. In 1974, the name changed to “Sports & Shoes” until 1993 when it became “Dick’s Sporting Goods”. The first store opened on January 12th, 1948 on Butler Street in downtown Pittsburgh with $300 worth of fishing equipment. The next day they were open for business and sold out within 45 minutes!


You might be familiar with Adidas as the manufacturer of the shoes you wear every day. But did you know that they’re also one of the largest sports companies in the world? They make everything from clothing to accessories and even skateboards. As a result, there are many different ways to international shop at this brand—you can find it on websites like Amazon or eBay, in physical stores such as Walmart and Target, and even through their own website where they sell merchandise like hats and t-shirts.


It is an international shopping website. Nike is a global leader in athletic footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services. Established in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, Nike has become the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel. With operations in over 200 countries worldwide and employing more than 44,000 people worldwide (both full-time employees/partners), Nike products are available for purchase at sporting goods stores like Dicks Sporting Goods as well as online retailers like

Nike offers a wide range of sports products ranging from running shoes to basketball shoes to soccer cleats to track spikes that can be worn by almost anyone who participates in any activity related to athletics or fitness. There are several popular shoe lines under the Nike umbrella including Air Max 90 which is known for its cushioning technology and the Flyknit series which includes Flyknit Chukka Boot, Roshe One, and Zoom Vaporfly 4%.

The company also provides athletes with apparel such as compression tights or warm-up jackets perfect for workouts; accessories such as bags or hats as well as equipment like gloves or wristbands tailored specifically to their needs


Modell’s is a sporting goods retailer based in New York, NY. It is the largest sporting goods retailer in the New York metropolitan area, with over 150 stores across the Northeast. Modell’s sells athletic shoes, apparel, accessories, and equipment for men and women as well as children of all ages.

Modell’s carries a wide range of products from top brands such as Nike Football, Under Armour Baseball/Softball Equipment & Apparel, Easton Baseball/Softball Equipment & Apparel, and Wilson Sporting Goods among others.

Academy Sports + Outdoors

It is the fitness gear online store. Academy Sports + Outdoors is a sporting goods chain that has been around since Texas A&M University (hence the name) started in 1938. It’s now a subsidiary of Academy Sports + Outdoors, which operates in 30 states. Their stores sell all kinds of sports equipment, many of which you can order online and have delivered to your home.

Foot Locker

Foot Locker is a major retailer of athletic footwear and apparel. It offers more than 3,500 stores in 23 countries worldwide. The company’s services include:

  • Selling athletic shoes, apparel and accessories
  • Offering a variety of running shoes for men, women, and kids of all ages
  • Learning about your shoe size with their Fit Finder tool


REI is a chain of outdoor gear and apparel stores. It offers a wide range of products including clothing, camping accessories, skis, snowboards, other ski equipment, kayaks, and more. The company has over 150 stores across the United States selling its brand products as well as those from other manufacturers.

REI has an extensive product selection which includes:

  • Clothing for hiking, biking, and running
  • Other sports gear such as backpacks for hiking or fishing rods

Under Armour

Under Armour is a large sports apparel and footwear brand. Under Armour also has a wide range of apparel and footwear for men, women, and children. The company’s products are known for their performance-oriented designs such as moisture-wicking fabrics, state-of-the-art technology, and breathable materials that keep you cool while you’re exercising.

Under Armour is one of the most popular brands for athletes and fitness enthusiasts because they make high-quality products that stay true to the brand’s core values: being strong, confident, determined & unstoppable (these are just a few examples).

The North Face

The North Face is a popular outdoor gear and clothing brand. It’s also a subsidiary of VF Corporation, which owns other outdoor brands like JanSport and Easton. The company has stores all over the world, as well as an online store that caters to customers in more than 20 countries.

The North Face carries a wide range of products including:

  • Clothing (jackets, pants, hoodies)
  • Shoes (hiking boots, trail running shoes)
  • Backpacks

Final Words:

We hope you found this guide helpful! For us, finding the right sports equipment and gear can make or break a workout or game. We’re always on the lookout for new retailers that offer great deals on our favourite products, so we’re glad to have a resource like this list. It’s been fun putting it together, and we think you’ll find it useful as well. With so many great options out there for fitness fanatics, any athlete should be able to find exactly what they need without having to spend too much time looking around. Whether they prefer sports gear online shopping at big box stores like Walmart or would rather browse online retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Amazon, there is an option that will work best for them! Buy sports gear online today!