Powerful Things to Remember When Playing Ludo Online

Powerful Things to Remember When Playing Ludo Online
Powerful Things to Remember When Playing Ludo Online

Ludo is one game that most of you might have played in your childhood in the shape of a board game. But have you ever tried out the online version of the same? These days, people are going crazy about ludo online and if you haven’t already tried it, you may be missing out on something wow.

If you know how to play it well offline but are not sure about your performance online, just relax. this post is going to acquaint you with some powerful things that you should remember when playing this game. Keep on reading to grasp them all:

Open all your pieces sensibly

All the pieces must definitely be opened as soon as you get the possibility. In case you just focus on simply one or two pieces, you might get fewer options and that would end up in bad progress. Of course, if you want to rule the game or simply create some sort of pressure on the opponent, you need to open all your pieces as soon as possible. Mostly players focus on the first piece they open and keep on dragging it forward. Make sure that you keep all your pieces walking ahead.

Single piece running is not wise

It is suggested not to keep running only a single piece of the game all the time. the point is simple, the time, as well as numbers, must get divided into all the pieces. For example: In place of running just one single piece, you should try to keep all the pieces on diverse locations on the board. This way, your possibility of getting ahead of your opponent would be higher.

Change the throw timing

No one can really claim to have understood the algorithm of this game on the web. But you know you should try to change the timings of throwing of dice. For example: in case you have played swiftly four to five times then take your time to simply roll the dice in the next chance and so on. It might spark magic for you.

Kill your opponents efficiently

In case you are following point number two then there are high possibilities of killing the opponent. You should not miss any chance to kill your opponent because that is the trick. Sometimes, players do focus only on dragging their pieces in the game without realizing killing the opponent is equally crucial.

Decide in advance

In case there are two options between going for victory and killing of the opponent, you must make up your mind or decide before the game begins as to how you want to go ahead with the game. In case you decide to be aggressive then you should kill the opponent. Otherwise, you must go for a safe game and just think about victory, in case wish to play it safe. the point is you need to have this strategy of killing or simply winning in mind before you start the game.


So, once you know the Ludo Rules, you can start playing it with utmost goodness. Keep these things in mind and you might find them really game changing for you if you implement them.