Online Poker: The Next Big Thing for Indian Players

Online Poker
Online Poker

Poker is a game, which is played with a normal deck of 52 cards. It is based on 50% skills and 50% luck. This game is becoming very famous in India among the youngsters. Kunal Patni is regarded as one of the best poker players in India. He managed to rank the second position in the World Poker tournament. Online poker sites have increased the craze among people, by making the game very convenient and safe to play. More than 50 lakh people have signed for ‘real money’ poker games across the best platforms in India. This only goes on to show that online poker is the next big thing for Indian poker enthusiasts.

Easy Access

Every youngster owns a smartphone in India, which makes the game very easily accessible for them. Previously, to play a poker round, you had to go to a casino. But now, anyone can play by just logging on to their favourite poker site. The other reason why poker is becoming more popular is because of the nature of the game. The young generation wants quick action, and poker games can be the best for them as it requires only a couple of moments for a single hand of poker. Online poker can be played anytime from anywhere.

Online Poker: Great for Beginners

Online poker has similar set of rules as offline poker, but playing poker online and offline gives different experiences. If you are weak at hiding emotions, then playing poker offline will be very hard for you. Your opponent can read your poker face and play strategies to beat you. You can also use the same advantage against your opponent. If you have good face reading abilities, you can easily judge what pair of cards he has and play accordingly. Playing poker offline for beginners was a difficult task as hiding their poker face was very difficult. This is the main reason why many quit playing it offline in their beginning stages.

In online poker, you can hide all your emotions easily, as you don’t have to show your face to your opponents. It can be won only by the pair of cards you have; you cannot judge anything about what your opponent is thinking. This becomes very handy for beginners to learn basic poker skills. They don’t have to hide the excitement or anxiousness of the cards they have. This has encouraged many youngsters to start playing poker.

Play with Virtual Money and Gain Experience

Poker was considered as gambling, but it is now known as a game of skills and strategy. It can also be played with virtual money only for fun, thus eliminating the risks of losing real money. This is the biggest fear of many people who want to play poker but don’t want to risk their hard-earned money in the early stages. They can learn all the strategies from the best online poker sites without investing a single rupee.

The popularity of Online Poker

In India, the average population belongs to the age group of 29 years, out of which 50% of the population is less than 25 years. They are attracted towards online games and prefer to spend most of the time in their rooms. That is also the main reason why online poker has gained more popularity than offline poker ever did from the past few centuries. Playing poker is considered as a game of skills by the Supreme Court of India. It is legal to play poker in many states of India, such as West Bengal, Karnataka, and Nagaland; however, playing it in Assam and Odisha is still illegal.

Many big firms are ready to invest in online poker platforms, making it more convenient for players to get involved in many tournaments organised by the best online poker sites. Earlier, playing the game was a difficult task. You had to invest lot of time to get ready and travel to the nearest casino. But now, you can start the game with just one click from the comforts of your cosy bed. Many poker sites also allow to play multiple games at a single time, which cannot be done in offline poker; this keeps players more engaged with the game. Offline poker is usually slow and requires lot of time to complete one round, whereas online poker games are very quick. Online poker has a  number of advantages over offline poker, thus making it more popular among the Indian crowd.

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