Mobile Shopping Cart Optimization: Do’s & Don’ts

Mobile Shopping Cart Optimization: Do’s & Don’ts
Mobile Shopping Cart Optimization: Do’s & Don’ts

E-commerce has transformed a lot from the past couple of years and customers’ buying behavior has also changed. Today, the maximum number of people prefer to shop using their smartphones. With these growing trends, it has become pivotal to optimize the e-commerce store for higher conversion. The biggest challenge here is the mobile shopping cart optimization. 

If the cart section is not optimized, the abandonment and bounce rate will be significantly higher. To make sure you get the maximum conversion rate, we have listed the best do and don’ts that will make you thrive online. You can also hire an SEO services expert who will make sure your site is performing at an optimum level. 

Do’s of mobile shopping cart optimization

Make the cart constantly visible 

It’s always a smarter and useful practice to make the cart visible constantly to shoppers so that they can also be conscious about how many items they have added to their cart and it also reminds them of checking out from the cart. Many times it happens that a visitor adds items to the cart and closes the window due to any possible reason. 

Make the check out easy

One of the easiest ways to drive sales to your e-commerce store and improving mobile SEO is simplifying the checkout process. Most people bounce off on the checkout pages as the store asks for too many details that are not even relevant to the purchase. 

Autofill the details whenever possible

Auto filling data based on earlier gathered information is always a smart decision to make as it saves the buyer’s time from filling in those same details again. Remembering preferences make the entire shopping experience more personalized and faster for all. 

Give them security signals

While performing mobile SEO for an e-commerce website, always make your customers feel that they are shopping from a safe place and this motivates them to spend more. Show them SSL certificates while they make payments. A simple and subtle pop-up will do its job and it will help you in the long run. 

Don’ts of mobile shopping cart optimization

Don’t confuse the users

People try to cross-sell products while the user makes the checkout. It’s a good practice but you should not try to sell products aggressively as it will ruin their overall shopping experience. Keep the shopping experience as simple as possible. If the user will get confused, they will bounce off to another website. 

Never use long detail forms

You really need to understand which details are important which you can skip collecting from the users. Once you decide, always try to optimize the detail form as much as possible. Long forms can lead customers to cancel the order and move on. 

No distracting check out the layout

No matter how fancy the website is, the checkout page needs to be simple and clearly understandable. Don’t add any kind of pop-ups or unnecessary promotional banners to the check out page. Understand the psychology, the user has already made the purchase and if you want to pitch them new products, try to send them details by email. Don’t disrupt their experience while making payment. 

No one size fits all

Not personalizing the shopping experience for users be it on desktop or mobile version will make you lose many sales. Always make sure you are trying to provide a personalized user experience as possible. Personalization makes the users feel comfortable while browsing your site. So, there is nothing wrong with going the extra mile in development and try something useful that will improve personalization.

These were the top ways how you can optimize the shopping cart for mobile devices and drive more sales. It’s always recommended to hire a good developer and professional mobile SEO person who knows how to implement things in the right way. Also, keep in mind the don’ts while you are working on the mobile version of your e-commerce store. 

As more people are coming online, start optimizing your store for mobile version and make your business future-ready. Whenever you integrate new features to your store, always use and test them to avoid any kind of bug that can hinder the user experience. Thrive online and outperform your competitors by optimizing your store for mobile.