Make Up For Ever Artist Liquid Matte Lip Colors

Make Up For Ever Artist Liquid Matte Lip Colors
Make Up For Ever Artist Liquid Matte Lip Colors

There’s no denying the fact that a good lipstick can make or break a look. While powder lipsticks are classy, liquid lipsticks have earned a permanent place in every makeup bag.

Liquid matte lipsticks are one of the best products to get a distinctive makeup look. Just one swipe of your favourite shade helps you feel confident and look attractive.

Liquid lipsticks are easy to apply, available in a lot of colours, and last a long time. Due to their long-lasting feature, they are ideal for women who don’t like to touch up their makeup during the day. 

Liquid matte lipsticks are more subdued and delicate than glossy lipsticks. These are ideal if you want to go for a formal or demure look. The textures draw attention to the shape of the lips, unlike glossy lipsticks that make them appear larger. 

Here are some advantages of liquid matte lipsticks:

  • They are long-lasting. A single application can last an entire day.
  • They give you a natural makeup look. You can wear them with any attire.
  • They are smudge-free. They don’t smudge easily even while eating.
  • They are stick-free. They don’t stick to your clothes, unlike glossy lipsticks.
  • They can be worn without putting on any other makeup.
  • They are perfect for every season.

How to Apply Liquid Matte Lipstick

Although liquid lipsticks are always are found in most makeup bags, it is easy to overlook a number of crucial factors that can ruin your look. 

We’ve compiled a few pointers to assist you in getting everything about your liquid matte lipstick look right, so let’s get started!

Exfoliate the Lips

Dry weather can have a serious effect on the skin, including lips. However, lips don’t become chapped only in winters. Summers, too, can make the lips flaky. When liquid lipstick is applied to chapped lips, the fissures are clearly visible. So, the lipstick ends up sticking to the flaky skin. Therefore, the first step in applying liquid lipstick is to exfoliate your lips properly to remove dead and chapped skin. Make sure to scrub your lips with a quality lip scrub. It’s good to exfoliate once or twice a week. It’s crucial to moisturise your lips with a good lip balm once you’ve finished. This process hydrates your lips and makes them plump and soft. 

Apply the Base 

Now, it’s time to apply a base to your lips. You can use a light concealer or foundation that matches your skin tone. It works as a primer and fills up the crevices on the lips. It also provides a smooth foundation for application. This step takes care of fine wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and uneven lip colour.

Define the Lips

Liquid lipsticks can easily spread out of the natural lip line. This can make the makeup look messy. The lip liner keeps your lipstick in place. The colour of the liner is crucial for getting a beautiful lip line. It’s best to choose a matte liquid lipstick that’s the same colour or similar to your natural lip line. Lip liner defines and outlines your lips. It also protects your lipstick from smudging. You can also use a lip liner to make your lips appear larger by overlining them. 

Putting On the Lipstick

Now, it’s time to apply lipstick like an expert. Choose a colour that compliments your dress and overall appearance. 

While shopping for liquid lipsticks, always opt for a reputed brand that doesn’t use harmful chemicals and toxins in its products. One such brand is Lotus Makeup which provides the best liquid matte lipsticks with natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. These lipsticks prevent the lips from chapping and drying out, besides making them look beautiful. A shade that goes with many skin undertones is the Ecostay Butter Matte Lipstick – Earthy Amber.

An added advantage of these products is that they contain natural ingredients like jojoba oil and Vitamin E, along with shea butter. The regular application of these makeup products enhances the texture of the lips and keeps them nourished and soft. Vitamin E is good for healing cracked lips, and shea butter moisturises and protects lips from UV damage. These products are also long-lasting.

Start by applying a coat of liquid matte lipstick to the centre of your upper lip and softly swipe to both corners. Make sure to cover your entire upper lip. Now, repeat the same motion with your bottom lip. Make sure to avoid the mistake of swiping several layers of lipstick. Multiple layers cause the lips to appear thick, patchy, and sticky.

Give a Finishing Touch

Giving your lipstick a final touch can elevate your makeup look. After applying the lipstick, dab your lips with a tissue. It will remove excess lipstick. 

Important Don’ts: 

Avoid making these mistakes while applying a liquid matte lipstick.

  • Never use liquid lipstick directly on chapped or dry lips; the cracks are visible and do not look good.
  • Never skip the prep and primer – moisturising and exfoliating are essential before priming.
  • Never skip the liner; it will give an even and smooth finish to the lips.
  • Never use a heavy application of lipstick on your lips. 

So, now that you know everything about the best liquid matte lipsticks go ahead and experiment with glitzy lip colours to glam up your look!


Liquid lipstick is a must-have product for any makeup look. There may be different colours of lipsticks in fashion in different seasons, but flawless, smooth lipstick is always in style. To get a flawless finish that lasts and doesn’t dry out your lips, make sure to get the best liquid matte lipstick.

You can experiment with different looks and try out unique colours of liquid matte lipsticks. You can try colours like earthy amber, mellow nude, subtle rose, and brown matte lipstick.