Let Add-ons Decide Your Custom Product Boxes’ Fate In The Market

Let Add-ons Decide Your Custom Product Boxes’ Fate In The Market
Let Add-ons Decide Your Custom Product Boxes’ Fate In The Market

Why Add-ons? First and foremost, do you understand what does add-on means?

Add-ons or additional features are the extra attributes that can be part of your packaging project. The question arises why do we need them? Well, wouldn’t it be a good idea to make your box compelling and attractive? If you think so, then note that additional features are a must to have. They help you secure a safe place in the market dynamics.

Most companies charge extra for these features. Since they come under the luxury category, that is why each add-on has a separate rate as compared to the whole packaging process. To clear it a bit more, a plain box’s rate is different, and add-ons have separate charge sheet.

Once you decide what you are going to do and need in your custom product packaging. It is then time to communicate with the concerned persons. 

Why Do We Need Additional Features for Custom Product Packaging?

This question is valid only when you are new in the business. If you have been part of the market and packaging industry, then you wouldn’t be asking this. 

As explained above, add-ons enhance the overall grace of packaging. Once you make something worth noticing, people build curiosity for your product, and as a result, some may end up buying your item. 

Moreover, sometimes we need features that can highlight the company’s name, logo, or product specifications. In this case, add-ons come as a rescue team. For this purpose, you can use either embossing, debossing or spot UV. They will give you the desired results. 

Thus, one can say that add-ons help your Custom product boxes in many ways. 

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Several Additional Features To Signify Your Custom Printed Product Boxes

When we first started our packaging business, we came across this word a lot. Not just word, but practically we saw it being implemented on our boxes. It was mesmerizing procedure, and as we knew more about it, we experimented a lot. 

Since then, we have been advocates of the additional features. Here are some of them, have a look:

Spot UV

Spot UV lets you apply UV coating on specific areas instead of the whole coating. This is the best way to differentiate important information from the complete package. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well, why wouldn’t it be?

It is a creative way to add contrast and depth through the varying levels of texture and sheen and texture.


Have you ever seen a box whose surface has some areas lifted than the entire box? Well, this is what embossing does. It raises certain areas or printing elements on your box. It is referred to as the process of pressing an image into cardstock or paper to create a three-dimensional design. 

It looks enthralling and, at the same time, compelling enough for consumers to make a purchase. As a business owner, what else do you need? 


Debossing is the complete opposite of embossing. In embossing, you are raising certain areas of the surface; in debossing, you are pressing those required areas into the surface. 

How is it done? Well, for that, you need a metal plate for the purpose. It is lowered into the surface. With the help of heat and pressure, the indented design is achieved. 

Like embossing, it also has a lot of uses. Everything depends upon the clients’ demand and what their users expect from your company. 

PVC Sheet

In simple language, the PVC sheet is the plastic sheet. They are broadly known as plastic cards. In fact, an interesting fact about these sheets is that they need printers rather than laser printers or consumer-grade inkjet.

To make it more simple, they are sheets that you see on the boxes that have windows. However, some companies prefer sheet; some do not, but they are still there.


Die in printing is a completely different concept than the common definition we hear. It is a thin, razor-sharp steel blade that is used to make different shapes. Hence, it refers to the act of using a die to cut cardstock, paper, label stock, or other substrates.

Who Can Do The Work For You for Your Custom Product Boxes?

The printing companies! They will work for your product packaging UK. They will also use these add-ons to give you the desired results. 

Now, since there are several printing companies in the world, it may become hard while choosing the right one. 

Well, it is not that tough if you have proper guidance. If not guidance, then proper knowledge. These two things are really important for hiring the right packaging company. 

The first step is to ask around. Ask from people who have already taken services of a specific company. Through their experience, you can decide whether to work with them or not. 

Secondly, do your own research. We know the first step in this second method will be Google! Well, there is no harm in that. Get the list of famous or good companies in your region. Then check each company’s website, and boom, you will know whom to contact. In this method, you can also check those companies’ reviews and testimonials. 

Not every time, the reviews are paid. Some are genuine, and one can easily understand if they are real or fake. 

Whatever you decide, make sure you do it with satisfaction.