LED Wall Light Design Ideas For Homes in India

LED Wall Light Design Ideas For Homes in India
LED Wall Light Design Ideas For Homes in India

Wall lights and light fixtures are the souls of wall décor in every home. They not only accentuate the overall look of the home, but they also light-up your home in a cozy manner. The soft glow emanating from them and spreading on the walls imparts softness to the entire area and instantly uplifts the mood.

Here, we discuss some of the best-LED wall light design ideas for Indian homes that you can opt for your homes. The ideas shared here are perfect for people with all kinds of budgets and are easily available in the markets. For the best results, we recommend consulting some reputed interior designers in Kochi that can help you choose the best wall lights for your home.

Check out these awesome wall light ideas for Indian homes that you can follow

1. Lights with Metal Cut-outs

Lights with Metal Cut-outs
Lights with Metal Cut-outs

One of the best options that you can consider is the wall light with metal cut-outs, for example, the Bohemian patterns, abstract patterns, and vintage patterns. These lights render amazing shadows on the walls when they are being used. There are a plethora of design options available in this segment, and you can easily find these lights online as well as offline. You can get as much experimental as you want.

2. Wall Sconces

No write-up on wall lights can be complete without a mention of wall scones. The wall scones come in various shapes, sizes, and cluster patterns. They emit a soft and radiant glow when lighted and also offer a certain charm to your wall decor. You can find them easily and hang them on your walls without much ado. The wall scones also come for specific areas, such as lobbies, balconies, mirrors, and bathrooms.

3. Crystal Wall Lights

Crystal Wall Lights
Crystal Wall Lights

The crystal wall lights are the modern makeovers of the traditional glass lanterns and in many designs, the bulbs resemble the flame of an oil or wax lamp. The crystal wall lights are extremely impressive, have stunning designs, and lie on a somewhat expensive side. However, you don’t have to worry, as there are many amazing crystal alternatives, such as PVC crystals and plastic crystals that have a similar appearance and come at more affordable prices.

4. Small Chandelier Chains

The wall lights with small chandelier chains or hangings are also getting popular these days. You can find many stylish options in this category, such as simple chains hanging in a circular fashion with a lamp inside, or teardrop patterned chains hanging around the central light bulb to give a stunning illusion of a waterfall, etc. Such lights are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and large bathrooms.

5. Sleek and Minimalistic Chrome Metal Lights

The sleek and minimalistic chrome metal lights are perfect for homes with contemporary decor and come in various designs that are fuss-free and simple. The chrome lights are sturdy and durable. They might be expensive, but if you invest in them, you can use them for decades. They are super easy to clean and maintain, and you can remove them and reinstall them as and when required without having to worry about breakage, etc. You can also discuss with interior designers in Kochi to get some customized designs or a more suitable design which suits your home.

6. Metallic Wall Sconces

Metallic Wall Sconces
Metallic Wall Sconces

Polished gold finish, sleek steel finish, burning copper, warm rose gold, and sterling silver finish – these are the most popular options in the metallic wall sconces. The central light bulb is concealed inside a tasteful arrangement of metallic reflectors or sheets or glass with polish etc. The light emitted is brilliant and you can install these lights on the living room walls, on the staircase, and in halls, etc.

7. Wall Niche Lights

If you have a wall niche that has long been out of fashion, we recommend giving a wonderful makeover to it. All you have to do is, install some fairy lights, or string lights such that they give an illusion of a fireplace or any other figure of your choice. Cover the niche with glass and let your walls come alive just as the night falls. You can create wonderful impressions by installing lights in different shapes as well.

8. Wall Lights with Rustic Wooden Frames

Another amazing option that you can consider is the wall light with rustic wooden frames. You can also find vintage pieces that look like an old lamp, but have bulbs inside. These lights are perfect for homes with an old-world appeal or where the overall decor is vintage or traditional. You can also consult Kochi interior designers to get some customized designs prepared by local craftsmen.

9. Wall Lights with Floral Cut-Outs

Another fantastic option is the light with floral cut-outs enveloping the central bulb. These pieces are also available in brass and copper. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can simply opt for the polished lights that resemble the original metal. These lights are perfect for the traditional Kerala style homes and can be hung in the living area, courtyard walls, and lobbies, etc.

Some other Led wall light design options that you can consider are:

  • Hanging lights
  • Wall lights with modern accents
  • Mini chandeliers
  • Diffused lights
  • Clusters of small lights

This completes our discussion on the different types of wall lights that you can choose for Indian homes. We hope all our readers find it interesting and helpful. For more suggestions and specific queries, you can reach out to us in the comments. There are many resources available online If you want to know more about wall light interior design ideas of Indian homes.