Is Passport Verification Documents Mandatory To Diminish Identity Theft?

Passport verification documents are a must to identify a customer before onboarding.
Is Passport Verification Documents Mandatory To Diminish Identity Theft
Is Passport Verification Documents Mandatory To Diminish Identity Theft

Prevalent thefts, identity frauds, and scams have given rise to many preventive measures. Criminals have increased their tactics to launder money and perform other heinous activities. Additionally, spammers send phishing emails to users and businesses for financial and reputational losses. 

When traveling, documents for identity proof have been required for over five decades. But the covid pandemic made it even more mandatory to hold other passports as well, such as vaccine passports. As a result, the passport verification world shifted to digital platforms and diminished manual passport document verification to combat frauds and thefts. Another reason was to centralize the world order and to develop one online document verification portal. 

How do Passport Verification Documents help comply with KYC regulations?

What is KYC verification and its compliance?

The verification of clients is related to know your customer authentication. Regulative jurisdictions mandated it as an international obligation to counter digital identification thefts and additional multiple online scams.  Even though KYC laws initially meant that they were required only in financial enterprises, they were slowly directed into each sector to combat growing fraud. As a consequence, there are various kinds of KYC compliance such as Know Your Patient (KYP), customer (KYCC), business (KYB), and transaction (KYT). 

Performing know your customer verification manually through multiplied means is tiring and hectic, but the helpful and sturdy verification procedure is performed digitally.

Online Vs. Manual Passport Verification Documents 

Old-fashioned passport verification documents possess numerous shortcomings, such as

  • They are inclined to human mistakes 
  • Are high-priced due to the contracting of extra individual resources 
  • Verification deputies cannot maintain a record of growing regulations efficiently 
  • Verification officers cannot keep track of the countries holograms, prints, and inks 
  • Waste of time 
  • Wastage of resources 

Nevertheless, digital passport verification document has added privileges such as 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning allow digital KYC verification through the application of being able to store multiple languages, and text formats 

  • The document verification software can further acknowledge and authenticate security slogans such as holograms and inks. 
  • It is a high-speed document verification process that displays verification in flashes. 
  • It can recognize dubious records such as edited and tampered documents, false and fake documents while reducing the workforce. 

How do Businesses Verify Documents?

Corporations can complete document verification by increased means; nonetheless, the usual critical factor is to do all verifications simultaneously to defeat the possibility of dropping out on questionable people. 

Performing passport verification is done through the processes mentioned below. 

All these methods appear under passport document verification; therefore, let’s look at those online document verification methods comprehensively. 

How does the embassy verify documents?

The embassies verify documents in a sequence mentioned below with the application for verification of documents. 

  1. The user is prompted to upload all documents such as passports, identity cards, and driving licenses for passport verification documents. 
  2. The user is then asked to click a selfie while he holds the verification documents in this hand to avoid document fraud.
  3. The document checker online further requires the client to fill out the forms available. 
  4. The documents extract basic textual information through OCR and ICR technology and store them in the backend of the online document verification portal. 
  5. The document checker online then verifies the information provided by checking the document with any edits, tampering, and photoshop skills used. 
  6. The biometric verification then verifies the biometrics of the individual, such as facial features. It correlates both the selfie and the picture on the documents and runs a deep check. While it checks for any 3D masks and skin texture, it also checks small details such as the difference between the eyes. 
  7. It additionally checks the authenticity of the security holograms and prints. 
  8. The passport verification documents checker also verifies the individual’s address, and if the address is not the current address of the user, then they may ask for additional utility bills. 

All these processes are mandatory to authenticate a user or their features. As a result, prevalent thefts and frauds that could not be caught before are now declining with incorporating these technologies into the digital world. 


The online passport verification documents checker is an essential tool that all embassies must adopt to fasten their verification processes. It is mandatory to combat rising thefts and frauds to comply with KYC regulations and make the world better. Especially after the pandemic, the world order needs to be established, and it is only possible by adopting such technologies.