Is Brother Wireless Printer Not Printing Properly? Here’s The Fix!

Is Brother Wireless Printer Not Printing Properly? Here’s The Fix!

Starting from the 1960s, Brother International Corporation has been consistently manufacturing innovative printers recognized for their reliability, affordability, and quality. However, like other printers, Brother Printers also come up with issues, such as Brother Wireless Printer not printing. While such cases could be frustrating, you can follow some simple troubleshooting techniques to resolve them. Here, we will discuss why such issues occur and how you can troubleshoot them in no time.

Why Is My Brother Wireless Printer Not Printing?

Before troubleshooting the issue Brother Wireless Printer not printing, it is recommended that you identify the reason behind the issue. One of the most common reasons why your Brother Wireless Printer is not printing is because of the lack of communication between the printer and the device you are printing from. This could be a result of improper settings or configuration of the printer driver.

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How to Resolve If Your Brother Printer Is Not Printing?

Once you successfully identify the reason why your Brother Printer is not printing, you can proceed with the troubleshooting. Here’s what you can do:

1. Ensure that while performing the Brother Wireless Printer setup, your printer is set as the default option.
2. Ensure that the printer driver is working fine and does not have any fault. If there is any fault, instances may occur that your Brother Printer cannot print despite being connected to the wireless network. So, you must update the printer driver to avoid such issues.
3. In case you are trying to print multiple documents at a time, and find an error, cancel all the running print commands. Next, print the document with a new print command.
4. It is recommended that you check the hardware status of your Brother Printer to avoid the issue of Brother Wireless Printer not printing.
5. Check if your Brother Printer is properly installed. Perform the following to ensure this:

• Press the Windows key on your computer.
• Go to the Control Panel.
• Click on ‘Devices’, and then on ‘printers & scanners’.
• Select the printer you are using, under ‘printers & scanners’.
• Click on the ‘remove device’ option to remove the device from your computer.
• Now press the Windows key on your computer again.
• Go to settings.
• Click on devices and then on ‘printers & scanners’.
• Under the ‘printers & scanners’ tab, select “add a printer or scanner”.
• Wait until Windows find new devices.
• Once the search is completed, a list of devices will appear.
• Choose your Brother Printer from the list and click on ‘add device’.

What Is Brother Printer Error Code 46 And How To Fix It?

Brother Printer error code 46 occurs when the ink absorber pad is full and needs a replacement. The ink absorber pad is a vital part of your Brother Printer. You can follow some simple troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue and get started with your printer again. Here’s how:

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1. Set your Brother Printer To Maintenance Mode:

• Disconnect the power adapted from the printer.
• Press and hold the Menu button on the printer and plug the power adapter back.
• Wait until you notice a maintenance mode message on the screen.
• The printer screen should now read ‘Maintenance’.

2. Reset the Purge counter:

• Open the options by typing 80 on the printer keypad.
• Using the down arrow key, scroll through the options to locate Purge followed by a number.
• Enter 2783; ensure the number next to Purge is set to zero.
• Go to the maintenance mode by pressing the exit button on the printer.
• Type 99 to exit and restart the printer.
• Check if the Brother Printer error code 46 is resolved or not.

It could be frustrating when your Brother Wireless Printer doesn’t print. However, by identifying the reason behind the issue, you can easily fix the issue and get started with printing. It is essential that you ensure the appropriate Brother Wireless Printer setup procedure. Hopefully, you find the article useful in troubleshooting other issues like Brother Printer Error Code 46as well.