Important types of Label and Stickers Materials Discussed

Important types of Label and Stickers Materials Discussed
Important types of Label and Stickers Materials Discussed

Brand labeling is important to maintain brand positioning because many brands use minimal and premium labels on their products. It helps to identify genuine clothes

Every Clothing company wants to use perfect labeling on products to enhance product quality and premiums. As well we know Levi’s customers easily identify genuine clothes to check their label type and their materials.

In this article, we are ready to know 7 Important types of labels and stickers material thereafter every business owner easily decides which label types are best.

Importance of labeling in Clothing Line

  1. Maintain Brand Positioning
  2. Customer Satisfaction
  3. Identification and away from fraud products
  4. Easy to understand from the customer’s point of view
  5. Inventory Management, etc.

Top 7 Types of Labels and Sticker Materials

Below we discussed the 7 most popular types of label and sticker material and easy to select the perfect one for a newborn clothing brand.

The 7 Types of Labels

1. Brand Label

The Brand label is an important factor to represent the company’s identity. Every newborn clothing company is running to find the best brand or main label with premium label materials. Because customers’ psychology depends on brand labels. A brand label is a mental satisfaction from the customer’s point of view.

Brand Label
Brand Label

2. Grade label

Some products have given grade labels that represent the quality of the product by words, letters, or figures. They are given A, B, C, D grades on the product label which helps to choose a perfect product during shopping.

Similarly, the grade label can be mentioned as 1,2, graduates on the wheat package.

3. Size Label

A size label defines a specific set of measurements of the body. Sizes label printed only a letter to define a specific size. Such as XS for Small, S for Small, L for Large, XL for Large, etc.

When a customer is shopping and picks any product then they will get the neck size label and buy them. Although customers know which size is suitable for their body.

Most clothing brands use heat transfer labels to print body sizes on the inner side of the product. Because this type of print is permanent.

4. Care Label

Care labels are the most important types of labels for clothes. The label defines the customers to know how to care for clothes. It indicates different types of instruction about the garments such as washing, bleaching, and ironing. If the customer follows their care instructions then the garments will achieve long life and perfect shades. Because we know very well that if we do not follow the instructions then the product’s life is too short.

5. Manufacturer Label

Brands source different parts of clothes from different locations (countries) to make a final product. This type of information is mentioned on the manufacture label where international buyers easily purchase products to check manufacture labels.

Example: Zara company 50% products are manufactured from Spain, 26% manufactured from Europe and 24% products manufactured from Asia & Africa. Source:

6. Special Label

70% Cotton, 20% Silk is an example of such special labels. Special labels are normally in the garments to attract the customer’s attention and help to make decisions at the time of purchasing.

Adhesive labels are substitutes to sew-in labels. They are easy to stick on fabric surfaces and are commonly used as labels for mattresses, bedding, duvets, quilts, and other textile products with large surfaces. They are perfect if you are opting for a full-color design on a large size label as offset printing methods can be used for more detailed visualization. When used on clothes or shoes you have to keep in mind that the glue is not washing resistant and those labels should be for temporary application. You can use the fabric adhesive labels on packaging with different textures but they are mostly preferred for textile surfaces.

7. Price Label

The price label is commonly used by businesses to price products. The price tag indicates the price of the products and can encourage buyers to purchase as they know the price they should be paying.

2 Types of Sticker Materials

Here is a bonus about which stickers would be best for you.

1. Metalized, Clear, or White Polyester

Metalized Polyester has a chrome or mirror-like completion which makes it look like hardened steel. Clear and white polyester are accessible in both matte and lustrous surfaces. It is utilized both inside and outside, as line names or control board marks, in light of its dimensional steadiness and its inclination to bear brutal climate conditions. It’s regularly utilized for device stamping and cooling units. It for the most part accompanies an extremely durable glue.

2. Fluorescent and Foil Paper

These sorts of stickers are normally flood-covered on a synthetic surface. The majority of the fluorescent and foil paper stickers that are being used today are accessible in shadings like green, orange, pink, and red.

Hope this helps you out, stay tuned.