How to Open SQL File in MS SQL Server – An Introduction

How to Open SQL File in MS SQL Server - An Introduction
How to Open SQL File in MS SQL Server - An Introduction

Synopsis: This article is going to explain the ways to learn how to open SQL file in MS SQL Server. All the users who are unable to open their desired files can get the perfect solution here. Here, we are mentioning not just the manual solution but also the most ideal automated method. Along with these solutions, the pros & cons are also here. This way users can make a wise decision regarding the selection of the ideal method.

SQL Server database is quite popular among users. Hence, learning how to open .sql file is important to tackle all sorts of corruption issues. A lot of users email us explaining their similar situations. We found out the biggest loophole is the lack of knowledge. Hence, in this article, we aim to make users aware of all the technicalities.

Following all the sections of this guide in chronological order can result in providing users with the desired results. All the required technicalities are mentioned here for users. Stay tuned till the end of this article & be a master at this task with ease.

Learn How to Open .sql File Using the Automated Solution

The automated solution that we are mentioning here is quite ahead of today’s technology. The AI & ML we talk about is already integrated into this solution. Evidently, keeping in mind all the capabilities of this tool, we’re going to have a look at this solution.

This automated solution is even the first choice of IT experts & Microsoft’s MVPs. It has multiple features also that we are going to discuss after executing the step-by-step process.

Download the Best SQL Database Viewer Software & then begin following the steps mentioned with the respective images.

Step-1. Start the Utility & then simply Press the Open button to add your .sql files.

Step 1

Step-2. Select the Quick Scan or Advanced Scan based on the corruption level.

Step 2

Step-3. Wait for a little while & let the software scan all of your database files.

Step 3

Step-4. In the end, Hit the Ok button & finish the task. Your files are ready.

Step 4

Note- Enable the “Run as Administrator” option if you’re running this tool on Windows Operating Systems 7, 8, 8.1, 10, & 11 for smooth functioning.


  • This allows users to view their files without installing the SQL database server.
  • Users do not need SQL Server installed on the system for executing this task.
  • Allow viewing SQL tables, triggers, stored procedures, indexes, functions, etc.
  • It also enables users to view the deleted database from MDF/NDF/LDF files.
  • There is no file size limitation here. Tool easily views large-sized data files.
  • It is compatible with Windows OS & SQL Server versions 2000 to 2019.

How to Open SQL File in MS SQL Server Manually

Manually we have three ways to execute the operation & all three are quite outdated. If you are an experienced SQL Server user, then you might feel as usual otherwise, new users will face several difficulties in executing the manual method.

Below are the three methods mentioned in order to provide users with the best solution available. Let’s have a look at these three methods in detail.

The SSMS Method

The SQL Server Management Studio is a very useful utility to manage a SQL Server. Users can open & view the data files using this method very easily. However, they have to connect the SQL Server instance to the SSMS if they want to learn how to open .sql file.

Microsoft Visual Studio Method

Visual Studio by Microsoft is a very useful application that allows users to create and manage websites, applications, programs, mobile apps, etc. Users can create a project in this & view their SQL database files. Not all users are used to this application, this is the problem here.

Transact SQL Command Line Method

T-SQL command line method is the most basic solution. Only experienced users are able to do so. Here, one single mistake in the command can mean entirely different. This can result in data loss if not executed well.

Critical Shortcomings of the Manual Method

Now, it’s time to know the critical drawbacks of the manual solution that are mentioned below. Let’s have a look at the best solution here to know the pain points for users if they select this one. Learning how to open SQL file in MS SQL Server can be much easier if all these issues were not present here. 

Corruption of Data Files

The manual solutions often result in the corruption of data files. The incorrect execution of the data files often results in corruption in the MDF data files. This makes the situation even worse than before.

Total Loss of Database

If you survive the data corruption issue, be prepared as it can even result in the complete loss of data files. Without the proper knowledge, this can be riskier than ever.

File Size Limitation

Here, users can not process data files with large sizes. They often increase the timespan of operation. Moreover, it stuck the operation in between & hangs a lot. This is why learning how to open .sql file automatically is significant.

Outdated UI & Features

This solution has an outdated UI which is why users face various difficulties as they are not familiar with such UIs. Moreover, There are not a lot of features as users have to execute each & every task by themselves.

The Final Say

Learning how to open SQL file in MS SQL Server can be difficult for users without the right knowledge & tools. Here, we can say that the best solution for getting desired results is by using the automated tool. The manual solution is not that capable. Also, it lacks various features that are the need for today’s generation.

Carefully executing the best solutions using the automated approach is what users need. Do not skip any step as it can severely affect the end results. Hence, the automated tool is quite effective & provides users with the best results. This solution can help you run a safe & secure operation successfully.