How to Monitor Whatsapp with OgyMogy Monitoring App?

How to Monitor Whatsapp with OgyMogy Monitoring App
How to Monitor Whatsapp with OgyMogy Monitoring App?

How to monitor Whatsapp? It is a million-dollar question primarily for the parents of the kids, and teens who are new to the digital or internet world. The parents seek to remain aware of all the Whatsapp activities of their children so that they may not indulge in unhealthy activities that affect their academic or social life.

It is reported that there is a lot of content that circulates over Whatsapp groups, which is not suitable to be visited by the kids or teens. Moreover, the reported cases of kids being harassed or bullied through Whatsapp have increased so much in no time. So, this is a pressing issue and needed to be coped with immediately.

How to monitor Whatsapp? The question remains the point of concern for the employers too. The employers seek to identify the pattern of communication of their employees over the messenger to know if all the activities are aligned with the company goals and in line with the corporate code of ethics.

It is found in some cases that a few employees look to damage the company interests and progress out of differences or grudges with employers.

So, the purpose of parents and employers need to be addressed in an efficient way; the only solution to this problem is using a spy app for Whatsapp monitoring. A spy app can help in getting the win-win objective achieved for the parents, employers, and their target users.

There is a number of services that provide Whatsapp monitoring service to the users, but the best of them is OgyMogy. The service was incorporated in 2014 and is proudly serving its customers since its inception.

The app provides a number of features that include location tracking, social media apps monitoring, internal storage tracking, geo-fencing, and much more, but the Whatsapp monitoring features stand out of all.

We will have a look at the app’s WhatsApp tracking flair.

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OgyMogy – Best Whatsapp Monitoring App

Monitoring All WhatsApp Chats

The Whatsapp monitoring app OgyMogy allows spying all the chats of the target user. The group and individual chats can be tracked to find out any inappropriate activity.

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The employers can identify the pattern of communication of the employees if the communication with co-workers is aligned with the prescribed standards. This feature assists in coping with the issue of workplace harassment, which is reported frequently.

Moreover, the employer will be able to identify if an employee is seeking to damage the company interests by sharing confidential information with unconcerned people over Whatsapp.

The parent will be able to know the whereabouts of the child after spying on all the chats; the feature furnishes the parent to find out if the child is being harassed or bullied by someone, or the quality of communication is up to the standard or not.

Monitoring WhatsApp Multimedia

The messenger allows sharing images and videos with the contacts. The exchanged multimedia is in full control of the end-user. The end-user can stalk all the exchanged multimedia of all the chats.

The app earns the parent full hand into Whatsapp usage of the child; the parent can decide whether to retain the specific content or remove it. The parent can even restrict a suspicious contact to access the child if the content shared by the respective contact is not up to the moral standard.

Tracking All the VoIP and Video Calls

All the incoming and outgoing VoIP calls can be listened to in real-time by the end-user. The end-user can stalk the entire communication taking place through VoIP calls.

These calls can even be recorded and saved to the online dashboard in the end-user is not available to monitor on hand.

Video calls can also be treated in the same manner. The calls can be monitored in real-time; they can also be recorded and saved to the online dashboard for later reference by the end-user.

All that an end-user needs to get this facility is to install the OgyMogy Whatsapp monitoring app to the target user’s phone and the end-user is ready to track all Whatsapp activities.


The review of the OgyMogy – Whatsapp monitoring facility is conducted comprehensively, and it is found that the app actively monitors each and every bit of communication taking place through the messenger. The spy app serves all the needs of the parents and employers by all means.