How To Handle If You Are Getting Bullied? | E Counselling

How To Handle If You Are Getting Bullied? | E Counselling
How To Handle If You Are Getting Bullied? | E Counselling

What is bullying?

Bullying is the point at which somebody is being harmed either by words or activities deliberately, normally more than once, feels terrible as a result of it, and makes some hard memories halting what is befalling them. 

And living with such conditions is not easy as the living is not processed as the normal way.

Conditions of bullying

Bullying can be of different types depending upon the bully and its way of treating you. Basically two types of bullying are there, which are:-


  • hitting 
  • pushing and shoving 
  • battling 
  • stumbling 
  • hollering at somebody 
  • making inconsiderate signals 
  • taking or breaking someone else’s things 


  • verbally abusing 
  • ridiculing somebody 
  • chuckling at somebody 
  • forgetting about somebody intentionally 
  • beginning bits of gossip or lying about somebody 
  • sending mean messages on a PC or wireless 
  • attempting to cause somebody to feel awful about what their identity is
  • E counselling is the best way of solving this problem.

Forms of Bullying

Bullying cannot be done with one step or type it comes in different structures like: 

  1. Physical Bullying is the clearest type of terrorizing and can comprise kicking, hitting, gnawing, squeezing, hair pulling, and making dangers. A harasser may take steps to punch you on the off chance that you don’t surrender your cash, your lunch, and so on. 
  2. Verbal Bullying frequently goes with physical conduct. This can incorporate verbally abusing, spreading bits of gossip, and tireless prodding. 
  3. Bigot Bullying can take numerous structures: making racial slurs, shower painting spray painting, taunting the casualty’s social traditions, and making hostile signals. 
  4. Cyberbullying is one or a gathering of children or adolescents utilizing electronic methods through PCs and cell phones to torture, compromise, annoy, mortify, humiliate, or focus on another child or high schooler.

What to Do If you are bullied?

Being harassed or bullied is pernicious, frightening and confusing. When bullying is forceful and physical, it tends to be perilous. At the point when it’s enthusiastic and mentally – like ridiculing, or cyberbullying – it’s anything but difficult to feel alone. The two things to remember when you are a victim of any kind of bullying are that you’re NOT alone and it’s NOT your fault. 

In case you are being harassed or see somebody being tormented, here are a few activities that can be done to avoid the bullying’s bad feelings: 

  • Attempt to remain quiet. 
  • Try not to let frightful words beat you down. 
  • Be a companion – tune in, bolster and make some noise (particularly if the circumstance is risky). 
  • Advise them to stop. 
  • Keep in mind – bullies may be in torment, as well. 
  • Get off the web! Abstain from checking the web. 
  • Erase accounts where you are tormented. Make a screening effort so you can impart it to your folks or others for proof and backing. 
  • Try not to react to online domineering jerks – getting into e-counselling /visits can exacerbate you feel. 
  • Get over it with humour. 
  • Tell somebody you trust – companion, parent, educator, and tutor. 
  • Maintain a strategic distance from “hazardous regions” – territories around the area or school where tormenting can occur.