How to Find Your Current Location on Google Maps?

How to Find Your Current Location on Google Maps?
How to Find Your Current Location on Google Maps?

Google Map is a robust tool to access the directions of far-off locations, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, and many other off-beat demographic places. It is one of the most navigational devices of the present technologically upgraded era. The app allows individuals to preview the location and prepare for the obstacles.

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It is not an issue. Every Google Map version is featured with the “Current Location” version. You can tap on the option and zoom in on the map to see your exact current location. The “current location” button on the website and the app allows you to find your current location. You must permit Google Maps to track your location. Google Maps has made it extremely easy to find the current location on the map. It also shows the direction you are heading.

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The blog will discuss how you will find a Google Map location using a desktop or phone.

How do You Find Your Current Location on Google Maps?

First, make sure your device has an internet connection. You require an internet connection to let Google Maps find and track your location.

The following steps are to be followed.

  • You must use the Google Maps app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone to find the whereabouts of your current location. The app uses the phone’s location in collaboration with other data points to point to your current location on the map.
  • You must install the Google Maps Application on your phone or computer to find your location.
  • You will find the “Your Location” option on the right side of the map. The section will highlight your current location on the map.
  • Open Google Maps on Your Computer or mobile phone and let the map track your location.
  • The website or the application will center on your location via an internet connection if it does not click or tap the “Current Location” button at the right corner beneath. It looks like a bull’s eye on the website and android app, and the shape becomes like an arrow on iPhone.
  • Next, your smartphone or browser may ask you to allow Google Maps permission to check your location. Grant the permit to know your current location.
  • The map will shift the focus on your location. The dark blue circle points where Google Maps think you are currently, and the light blue shadowy circle around it shows where you can possibly be.
  • If you want the map to navigate when you change direction, you need to tap the “Your Location” button. Now, when you move your phone, your real-time map will move.
  • That is how you can understand where you are at present.
  • You can share your location with others if required.

The faster and more striking your internet speed is, the surer Google Maps will be of your location, and the smaller the light blue range will become. In case; Google Map has an issue finding your current location, it implies you require a faster internet connection or a strong cell signal. In the iPhone and Android Google Map apps, you can activate the compass mode by tapping the Current Location button twice. The app will stick to your location, but the map will continue to rotate and match the direction one is heading towards in the real-life scenario.

How to Better Your Location Accuracy in Google Maps?

If Google Maps does not show your current location accurately, you must evaluate it so the app can improve its performance in showing your exact location. Recalibrating helps you correct your Google Maps location and fix the tracking issue.

To start the program, you launch the Google Maps app on your phone. Then, you tap on the “Your Location” button followed by the blue dot representing your current location.

When the “Your Location” menu opens, tap “Calibrate”.

The Google Maps app will ask you to angle and move your phone. Act according to the instructions until the “Compass Accuracy’ improves its result.

After you are assured about your location, tap “Done” and close the app.

Differences Between finding your Location on Android and iPhone

Google uses your location for many reasons. The most helpful feature of tracking your current location in Google Maps is that if you enter a destination, Google maps will show you the route from where you head to your targeted place. You must turn on the “Location” in your settings and use your phone’s inbuilt GPS location to access the location. On your Android phone, you will find the “Your location” button, which is the target. If the color is grey and not blue, it implies you are out of the frame. You need to press the grey point. When it turns to a blue point, your current location will appear on the map.

The iPhone works the same way. The only difference is the interface looks a bit different due to the featural differences.

To Conclude,

You can check your current location on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and computers. The basic process is the same for all devices. One needs to follow the steps discussed in the blogs to enjoy accurate results. The internet marketing companies in India are constantly working to offer consumers fast and smooth internet speed and make the services more enjoyable.