How To Choose The Best TWS Earbuds?

How To Choose The Best TWS Earbuds
How To Choose The Best TWS Earbuds

Headphones, earphones, earpieces, or earbuds; regardless of whatever name you like to go with, all these devices have a similar function. Only a few years back, you used to get corded earpieces when purchasing a smartphone, but with significant advancements in technology, these music listening devices have evolved and taken the shape of wireless earbuds. Users have a plethora of options to choose from when looking for devices to satisfy their high-quality sound and comfort needs. 

Read on to learn about some of the best earpieces. This will definitely help you in deciding what suits you better. 

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The Difference Between Wireless Earbuds And The TWS Bluetooth Earbuds

Corded earphones used to be the only method of listening to music while on the go. The fact these were very uncomfortable for the users because of the hassle of managing wires led to the birth of wireless earbuds, which are an advanced version of corded earphones. The wireless earbuds come without cords and they connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth. The earbuds have right and left earpieces, which are connected with a small cable. Basically, the wireless earbud isn’t completely wireless, but it just features a reduction in wires. 

The latest technology is the true wireless Bluetooth earbuds which come with no wires at all. These earbuds make use of advanced Bluetooth pairing technology, and both the earpieces function equally. Some of the most common and widely purchased TWS earbuds are the AirPods Pro, the Xiaomi Redmi airdots, and QCY earbuds. 

Choosing The Best

In order to pick the best wireless Bluetooth earbuds for yourself, you need to consider the specs of the three above-mentioned gadgets. 

  1. Design

Considering the case of QCY T3, the redmi airdots, and the Apple Airpods, you’ll get them in black or white colors only, with the latter only available in white. 

All these devices are made from the ABS silicone material to provide users with safety and comfort. All of these devices can perfectly fit in your ear and provide an amazing listening experience. Speaking of their sizes, the QCY T3 is the biggest, while the redmi airdots are the smallest.

  1. Connectivity

All three gadgets connect to smartphones, tablets, and computers with the help of Bluetooth 5.0. Moreover, these devices have artificially intelligent software to allow users to switch between calls or while playing music just with simple voice commands. 

  1. Battery 

For any headphone enthusiast who makes use of these Bluetooth connecting devices, battery life is definitely the most important consideration. The Apple AirPods and the QCY T3 come with charging cases, which provide the earpieces up to 4 times full charge. Whereas for the redmi airdots, the charging case gives a maximum of 3 full charges. This is also why the redmi airdots are the least expensive as compared to the other two because of its small battery. 

  1. Quality Of Sound

All of these devices offer an incredible sound experience. The QCY T3 and the redmi airdots have DSP noise-cancellation feature which makes the audio quality even better, especially while taking calls and even when listening to music. 

  1. Price

The redmi airdots are the least expensive, and the QCY T3 is also closely priced, whereas the apple AirPods are way more expensive than the rest. 

The analysis shows that the QCY T3 is by far the better product in comparison to its rival products. It offers almost the same level of quality, at a lesser price, and has an increased battery life as compared to redmi airdots, which is very vital for the users. If you’re looking for QCY official store in Pakistan, head over to Dab Lew Tech to get your hands on the amazing range of genuine QCY products.