How to Find A Good Router for Your Home?

How to find a good Router for your Home

A router is a device that provides internet service to us. A router catches the telephone signals and converts that signal to a digital signal which comes to be known as the internet. A router connected by two or more data lines through IP networks. Most of the router is available for home and office purposes.

As modernization has emerged our connecting reality means a lot. Our smartphone is not technically a smart one until we connect our devices with home internet (provided by a router).  Before buying, you need to find out a quality router that will be suitable for your use.

We know that in recent years most people prefer to work from home so because of that investing in quality has become a crucial part.

With the passage of time having a router in individuals’ homes has become a necessity, choosing the right router has become important. In this article we will go through some aspects you should consider before buying a router.

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Things to consider before selecting the perfect Router for your Home:

In this section, we have covered some of the most important factors that you need to consider while choosing the right product for your requirement.

Figuring out your internet’s speed

First, you need to contact your internet service provider or you have to look at your own accounts to see the average speed in your locality and then you have to consider that router that can handle that kind of speed.

Consider single-band or dual-band

It totally depends on your devices. Devices that can use 2.4GHz radio are considered to be single-band devices, whereas devices that use 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio are considered to be dual bands. The thing is that you have to figure out what kind of devices. Both the frequency has its own advantage and disadvantage so this is up to you which radio frequency will be good for you.

Internet service provider

There might be a better internet service provider but you should consider that internet service which a router can handle.

Some internet service providers provide you a rental option which is a bit costlier in long run but a good choice if you can’t afford to replace the router every few years.

Need a modem or not

If your setup is just started then consider buying both modem and router. So what is the purpose of a modem? So this modem controls the internet access point while the router is connected to the modem to provide wifi signal.


Of course, having a minimalistic budget is necessary, you don’t want to spend too much on both router and modem. By fixing a budget you will consider a handful of router and modem at that price. If though your budget should be fixable as well sometimes we can see that router outside of your budget might be a better option in performance and functionality.

If you seriously don’t need a high-end & premium gaming experience online, then it is the best recommendation always, to consider having yourself just a budget-friendly router that costs around 2K INR with some decent functionalities. That might be a pretty well fit for your daily surfing needs.

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Space that router needs to cover

It is a good way to judge where you want to put your router and from that which position do you need the signal to be reached. If you’re looking for a wireless signal which can penetrate walls and floors. Kinds of the signal which can cover multi-floor or multi-room then you need to consider those routers which provide the penetrable signal.

Even though you need to work on multi floors or space that person ended up buying more than one router for each consecutive floor.

Devices which will be supported by the router

Put down the list of devices that will be supported by the router (devices like computer, laptop, etc) this thing will determine what will be the size of the router as you might need a larger router to support this much of devices.

As a smaller router comes with low bandwidth operation, so supporting that many devices will need high bandwidth operation. And other than that you need to consider what kind of operation you want to perform in your devices like casual surfing or light work consume less internet than downloading or uploading a file all these criteria define that you need a low bandwidth operating router or the other one.

Router speed and range

You want to buy a router having great speed, but there is a catch; you should know before buying a router you should check ceiling speed. This is the maximum speed your device can run on buying a router who provides a speed of 800Mbps while your device ceiling speed is 400Mbps will not cause any good to you.

You should also consider the router range of how far you can receive signals from the router.

Consider security feature

If you want full control of what goes through your router then you should consider those router that comes with advanced firmware which includes firewalls this thing will protect your data from stealing.

If you want a router that comes with a built-in function of parental control this narrows down your list quite a bit. This function allows you to restrict some of the inappropriate content available on the internet which might not be appropriate for your little ones.

Research on a specific router

Once you narrowed down your list, get information on a specific model. Go through some user reviews, feedback, reports, etc. This will help you to figure out this will be a good product for you or not. You can also take suggestions from your local ISP.

Read reviews carefully specifically bad ones. Bad reviews will provide you some insight into the products. These will be for you to understand the flaws in the router.

And if you luckily stumble upon a model which has a pretty great review and has a huge purchase base, most likely it is a good product; you should definitely go for it.

Wrapping up:

Hope the things we have mentioned here will help to figure out which model will be suitable for you can buy a router from a physical shop or from online websites like Amazon or Flipkart.

There is one great thing about the physical store is that you can request any person in their tech department for more information about the router and they will help you to set up the router in the right position.

The thing is whatever medium you choose or whatever model you choose before buying consider all the aspects we have discussed. Hope that you find this article useful enough and helped you to make the right decision.

If you have any queries/suggestions regarding this article. please don’t forget to drop your comments. That way we might help you, to figure out the right solution for you.