How To Choose The Best Floor Tiles Products?

How To Choose The Best Floor Tiles Products
How To Choose The Best Floor Tiles Products

Best floor tiles

Currently, ceramic floor tiles pavements are widely used in construction projects, especially the bathroom and toilet spaces, very suitable for rooms that are not square and narrow.

Reasons to use ceramic tiles:

Not only ceramic tiles but all tiles possess outstanding characteristics compared to other similar products, this is a material product that should be used by everyone. building.

– ceramic tiles help to expand a narrow space, rooms that are not square will become more balanced and luxurious.

– ceramic tile has good bearing capacity.

– Also ceramic tiles have a nice, clean, and easy-to-clean surface: the tiles have a shiny enamel coating, they are not adhesive, so they are less dirty and easy to clean.

– These tiles are easy to build, not demanding, of good quality, favorable during the construction process.

Furthermore, the production process can reduce human energy through the use of modern technology, automating many stages in the production process.

Ceramic Flooring Application

Currently, ceramic tiles are used in almost all spaces and areas:

With a moderate size of 600×600, ceramic 600×600 flooring is used to pave the floor not only in confined spaces such as bathrooms and toilets but also in living rooms with an area greater than 9m2 and less than 15m2.

With a size of 600×600, it is also used in narrow and not square rooms to bring the feeling of expanding space, the room will become more harmonious and square

If you are looking to choose tiles for any space below 15m2, you can immediately choose ceramic 600×600 tiles or ceramic 1200×1200 tiles or you can switch to a tile pattern. Print the 800×800 floor to compare materials and designs. Your house will be completely transformed and replaced by a luxurious, modern, spacious, and airy space, bringing new vitality, a new breath to the whole house.

You can visualize your tiles using a tiles visualizer. Tiles Visualizer is the best way to visualize your tiles project.

=> Characteristics of 600×600 flooring tiles

Today’s modern trends often choose 600 × 600 Digital vitrified tiles, not only high strength, good strength, high wear resistance, low water absorption, slip resistance, antifouling.

600 × 600 Ceramic flooring

Ceramic tile is not a homogeneous tiles type, with a different back layer and surface. The main aggregate for the production of ceramic tiles is 70% clay, 30% fossil, and pamphlet. The surface of the tiles is coated with a thin layer of enamel with different patterns for each type of tile. ceramic tile has a good anti-slip ratio, easy to clean, the surface of the tile is covered with insulation, chemical resistance, and high strength.

ceramic tiles have 2 main types of glazes: High quality ceramic “Dry ceramic” and Semi-dry pressed ceramic.

600 × 600 semi-closed base floor tile (Porcelain)

Sixteenth note bone tiles are a type of tiles between granite and ceramic tiles. Semi-porcelain bone tiles (porcelain) are often used to make wall tiles, semi-porcelain bone tiles with a rough surface suitable for use in high-end bathrooms, villas, apartments in public areas such as hospitals, schools, gas stations, airports, or social housing areas.

600 × 600 granite floor tiles

Granite tile is a type of tiles close to nature, high durability, resistance to abrasion, scratches, a low percentage of warped tiles, low water absorption rate, good bearing capacity. not affected by the environment. granite tiles are made from 70% rosemary, 30% clay, then mixed with some other additives. This mixture is finely ground, dried into a powder, then shaped in a high-tech Sacmi press from Italy, then dried and heated to high temperatures of 1200-1220 degrees C.

granite tiles with a size of 600 × 600 have 6 main types of surface: rough non-slip surface; lumpy non-slip surface; glass ball surface; rattan glass ball; glossy; face bulging like natural stone.

granite tiles combine advanced technology from Europe to produce many different product lines, such as double-loaded granite tiles, super-polished multigrade urinal granite tiles, super-gloss high-tech granite tiles, and granite tiles. single color granite tiles, salt-pepper granite tiles, nano-tech granite tiles, digital granite tiles, eco digital granite tiles, green tech granite tiles.

When you want to buy 600 × 600 tiles, you should choose genuine tile distributors & manufacture with experience in the market because today there are many counterfeit, fake, and poor quality products on the market.

Anti-Slip Floor Tiles

The building materials market has many types of pavers for flooring, wall cladding, decoration With tile selection, homeowners will surely want to choose tiles types for their homes that are durable, beautiful, and slip-resistant. All you have to do is choose the flooring against the mouth.

Choose waterproof tiles

When it rains, the humidity of the air increases until it is sunny at that time due to the difference between the surface of the pavement and the bottom which must give rise to the exchange of air to ensure that it is equal to the wet floor. Damp, the steam condenses the surface to make it wet, uncomfortable, which affects health.

In fact, the smoother the tiles, the shinier, the heavier it becomes, the easier it is to slide. So, so that the house is not cluttered, the owners should choose granite tiles. granite tile is mainly made of stone powder and additives and then heated to a temperature of about 12000C, so the tiles have strong resistance between tightly bound molecules, leading to water molecules that cannot enter or if it comes in, it’s just a little more.

“The characteristic of this type of tiles is that it has great hardness, good bearing capacity, and low water absorption. So even when it’s covered, it doesn’t get wet. “

In addition, you can also use dry glazed or lumpy glazed tiles which are also very good at non-slip, the price is cheaper than granite tiles.

If your house is in the finishing stage, you can sprinkle charcoal and golden sand underneath and pave thin tiles on top, this will limit the phenomenon of water on the surface quite well.

The anti-slip measures of flooring

– On good days, it is necessary to close all the doors and cover the open spaces to let in a little humid air.

– You can turn on the air conditioner, this is a good measure for good morning, this method is quite convenient and effective.

The above is what we share about floor tiles, in the hope that customers will feel more at ease when choosing floor tiles. Each type of tile has its own advantages and characteristics. If you want to choose a suitable floor tile for your home, please contact us.