How to Become a Doer from a Dreamer 101?

How to Become a Doer from a Dreamer 101
How to Become a Doer from a Dreamer 101

Are you a dreamer? You are not alone. However, this trait won’t get you anywhere if you don’t strive or have any plan to fulfill those dreams. Sounds demotivating? Remember everything is manageable, and possible, so stay positive.

I, myself, worked hard to be the successful entrepreneur that I am today. That is how I was able to afford my first apartment (and the luxury of my Spectrum TV stream). Here is how you can become a doer and achieve whatever you want.

Give Yourself a Deadline

Make a habit of writing down your goals. Once you know all that you wish to achieve for a day, week, month, or year, you should also allot a deadline for achieving that goal. Jotting down goals without giving yourself a timeline regarding the time by which you want to accomplish that goal will get you nowhere. Everything needs to be put on a planner.

Note that without deadlines you won’t be able to push yourself to do anything. Start with mini-deadlines and then continue to aim for farther ones.

Wants and Needs

Something that will help you a great deal is finding the balance between your wants and needs. Every time you have an idea in mind and you think to yourself that you want it, start writing down the steps that you need to take to get what you want. This could be anything. From saving money to altering your lifestyle. Remember that actions do not necessarily have to directly be related to achieving a goal. Sometimes a gesture allows us to do so indirectly too.

It won’t be an easy ride. You will face hurdles. But time will not be the same for the rest of your life. Good times will soon follow. And when that happens, the sacrifices that you make will pay off. All your efforts will be worth it.

Doers, Doers Everywhere

To achieve something or to adopt a certain trait, you have to surround yourself with similar people. That keeps one going and motivated. For example, if you wish to become a doer, surrounding yourself with dreamers will only make the matters worse for you. Therefore, you should start living in the company of doers. Seeing them achieve big things will motivate you enough to become a doer as well.

Only YOU get to decide your support system. Consider yourself in charge of it. And use this power to your benefit. Make the most out of it. If you think that surrounding yourself with the best will put you in some kind of complex, you should think again. Because wise people always learn from people who are doing better than them instead of feeling insecure.

Do Not Let Fear Stop You

Many times, the fear of failure stops individuals from aiming at what they dream of. This should not be the case. Whether you will succeed or not purely depends on whether you give it a shot or not. Thinking that you will fail. Hence, not trying your luck will never make you confident about yourself. However, even if you fail at a certain venture, or are unable to achieve a goal, consider it as a learning for yourself. Make the necessary improvements and do better than before.

No one makes it big the first time. If it would be of any help, let me narrate to you the story of Jack Ma. The former CEO of Alibaba got a rejection from Harvard University 11 times. Yes, 11 times. But did that stop him from becoming one of the world’s most successful businessmen? NO. You should have the same zeal in you. Have the passion to succeed and don’t be afraid of failure.

Learn to Move On

Do not waste your precious time and energy on doing things that do not work. If you realize that a certain thing is not working for you, it is better to drop the idea of pursuing it. It will save you the effort that you can invest elsewhere. Look for other avenues for yourself. Try to adopt a fresh approach to everything. And have the courage to begin from the beginning. If you succeed in doing so, you will see that it is not difficult to set a goal, work towards it, and eventually achieve it. I used to be a dreamer and used my Spectrum Internet packages for the sake of watching shows and movies. However, when I started setting goals for myself, the same Internet package helped me in connecting to people and promoting my business.