How Heart Hospitals Scare the Patients?

How Heart Hospitals Scare the Patients?
How Heart Hospitals Scare the Patients?

The human body is a complex structure which humans are still trying to learn. In the 21st generation, with the help of technology, we have a cure for most of the diseases. But we still get nervous and scared while visiting the hospital. It may be because of the medical terms that doctors use, which make it more intimidating for patients. While there are many such circumstances, let’s focus on the heart ailments and heart hospitals in India.

Common Heart Diseases

The common heart diseases include heart attack, heart failure, arrhythmia or abnormal heart rhythms, valve diseases, coronary heart diseases, and angina. A heart attack is the most common disorder of all heart illnesses. It occurs when the artery, which supplies blood and oxygen to the heart, gets blocked completely. The blockage is mostly the build-up of fat, cholesterol, and other substances, which form plaque in the arteries. A heart attack requires immediate attention and supervision of a cardiologist. People usually go through multiple heart attacks.

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One of the main reasons for heart diseases is the age factor.As you grow older, your arteries narrow down, which increases the chances of heart blockage. The other reasons are high cholesterol diet, smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. In India, most people get a heart problem due to wrong diet and obesity. They follow the wrong diet till the time they start facing problems. Around 40-50 per cent of heart blockage problems can be treated by just eating healthy diet and exercising regularly.

Heart blockage symptoms are very easy to identify. You can look out for signs like slow, fast or irregular heartbeats, shortness of breath, or pain and discomfort in the chest. But many people ignore all these and avoid visiting a doctor. Heart problems are easy to cure at the initial stages, but people wait for them to grow. If you happen to consult doctors during the initial stages, most of the problems can be treated with oral medications or injections

Do Heart Hospitals Scare Patients?

It’s not true that heart hospitals scare patients. Heart ailments are so serious that patients and their family members get frightened the moment they get to know that they are suffering from heart problems. Let’s get to understand more about heart diseases to understand this situation better.

Several thousands of people in India die due to heart diseases every year. The stories of such deaths that people get to hear from their friends, family and acquaintances have a bad impact on their minds. So, when a person in their own family is diagnosed with a heart disease, the severity of the disorders hit their mind and they start getting the notion that the affected person is not likely to be alive for long. This instils a sense of fear in them.

When a heart specialist diagnoses the illness and explains to the patient and his family about the disease, the idea that many get is that heart hospitals scare the patients. On the other side of the coin, the truth is that the specialists only explain the facts to the patients and their family. Just because they get scare, the specialists cannot lie to them or hide the facts from them. Rather, it’s just on the part of the doctor that he takes the efforts to explain to the patient about his condition and prescribes appropriate treatment measures to be followed.

Comprehensive Support from Heart Hospitals

Any leading heart hospital in India also has a support team to provide its patients the much-needed psychological support. When the patient has to undergo procedures like angioplasty, heart transplantation or heart bypass surgery, this support team does all that is needed to make the patient feel as comfortable as possible. Even after the procedure, they help them through the recovery period by providing the best possible support from their end. So, it’s not justified to blame the heart hospitals that they scare the patients. All that the medical team does is in the best interest of the patients and for their good health.

The best way out to avoid heart problems and the intimidation that follows the diagnosis of the disorder is to maintain a healthy lifestyle right from a young age. Exercise regularly from your thirties to avoid heart disorders when you grow old. Also, follow a healthy diet chart with nutritious heart-healthy food. If you notice any signs or symptoms, consult your family physician immediately.

If your physician suggests consulting a heart specialist, do fix an appointment with a cardiologist from a good heart hospital in India. Remember that most of the heart problems can be solved without major procedures. All that you would be prescribed to do is to follow a few medications along with leading a healthy lifestyle.