Good Habits to be Happy

Good Habits to be Happy
Good Habits to be Happy

Good habits to be happy – Is it so obvious to be happy? What if true happiness was simply being happy for yourself without worrying about what others see? Here are some ways to find the key to happiness. So happy?

As Baloo sang in the Jungle Book, “It takes little to be happy.” Easier said than done. How to succeed in life while achieving personal development?

Sort out your life to be happy

There are many ways to take a good record of your life. To start sorting things out, nothing better than to get straight into action by cleaning your apartment. Over the years, you have accumulated several knick-knacks that you cannot part with. But are you sure you can’t throw them away (or maybe even put them in the basement in boxes)?

Good habits to be happy – Tell yourself that tidying up your apartment is the key to better enjoying your home … and your life! And then, the minimalist style is still relevant, right?

After having put in order its interior, a sorting is necessary in its entourage. Runaway from people who want to change you or who persist in putting you down. Say no to toxic loves and friendships!

Without being toxic, some relationships drain your energy when the feelings are gone. Maybe this is the case with your old friends from college that you don’t care about anymore? There was a time when you were close, but you have grown, changed, and you have nothing more to say to each other. To pretend otherwise because it hurts your heart is not the solution. Keep your true friends. You will see, this is more than enough.

This relational sorting, we strongly advise you to do it also in your virtual life. You do follow a few people that you don’t really like, right? We’ve all done it before. Firstly because it’s funny, secondly because you can make fun with your friends. But in the long run, it becomes unhealthy. You wouldn’t want them to do the same with you, so leave these people in peace, and kick them out of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… contacts.

Learn to stop depending on others

After this little cleaning, you know, your entourage is essential. Yet sometimes your wants and needs are still at odds with what your family and friends impose on you. And why not start listening to yourself, and stop following them in all circumstances?

They want to go to this trendy bar when you don’t want to. Don’t feel like you have to go, the only thing you risk is drinking too much and being bored to death. Rather, make yourself a quiet evening at home. It is good for your health!

Likewise, don’t plan (all) your weekends around your friends. The weekend is just time to unwind and enjoy. What if, for once, you were the one telling your friends that you wanted to be alone?

A blanket, a glass of wine, in solo mode in your living room, you post a photo that you find great. But on the networks, she only collects 8 likes, and that drives you crazy? Detach yourself from this begging attention on the canvas. It’s not the end of the world, no need to question yourself. Do you like her? Indulge yourself by posting it. After all, the Internet is freedom.

With this distance, it will be all the easier to ignore your “haters”. You have the habit of wanting to impress your detractors. You are wasting too much energy for nothing, and on top of that, it doesn’t help much since whatever you do they don’t like you. Focus on the people who love you, and on yourself.

This also applies to your exes, to whom you want to prove your happiness over and over. You would like to send them a newsletter with everything you have accomplished since your separation. You would like to show them how much you have improved and especially how much you feel fulfilled. But the simple fact of wanting to do so proves the opposite. Walk straight ahead and don’t look back.

Free yourself from guilt and the pressure to be happy

There you are, everything is in order. Now you can no longer blame anything except yourself. So to be happy, find your way, at least try to find yourself. You tend to go with the flow. Maybe you even chose your professional path because a third person influenced you.

But is this really what you want? Think about it and take time for yourself. Doing your soul-searching before anything else is the only way to get started on the right path.

This will help you learn to do things on your own. Being alone can be scary at times, however, it is necessary to better appreciate the time spent with loved ones. Yes, you can go to a movie, a restaurant or go shopping on your own. You are an independent woman and proud of it. Who runs the world?

It is promised, with this independence (and this music of Beyoncé which is now trotting H24 in your head), you gain confidence in yourself. So, stop comparing yourself to others! Each person is different. Of course, everyone judges themselves more or less, but no one is perfect. The park boy caught you picking your nose (really not glamorous), so what? You will probably never see him again. Be yourself, because as Oscar Wilde said, the others are already taken.

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