Experience the Rustic Charm of Rajasthan

Experience the Rustic Charm of Rajasthan
Experience the Rustic Charm of Rajasthan

No other state in India comes as close to symbolizing royalty as Rajasthan does. Even the name translates to “Land of Royals” in English. Rajasthan has not only become one of the biggest tourism magnets to international tourists but also to many domestic tourists who wish to explore the state. Being the home to the best-preserved architectural sites in the country as well as the magnificent natural wonders, it is a thrilling journey to explore this place. Rajasthan also has a warm and rustic charm that has allured visitors here since times unknown. There are several places to visit and see however there are some great things which are true wherever you go in Rajasthan. Here are some of the best reasons why Rajasthan deserves the top spot on your bucket list.


Why visit Rajasthan?

  • Rich cultural diversity – The culture of Rajasthan is an amalgamation of several subcultures from the various parts of the state. It is also heavily influenced by the culture of surrounding states such as Haryana, Delhi, and Gujarat. The unique mix of this culture also takes cues from the tradition, ideology, and communities such as Rajputs that inhabit this place.
  • Delectable cuisine – The amazing and delicious cuisine of Rajasthan is one of the most interesting and rich cuisines in the country. A plethora of vegetarian dishes such as Dal Bati Churma, Gatte Ka Saag, Ker Sangri, as well as non-vegetarian delights such as Rarha Gosht, and Laal Maans, are famous around the world.
  • Enigmatic history – The pride that people feel about the rich history of the land reflects on the behavior of people. Centuries-old history lives in this land and can be explored by paying a visit to the beautiful heritage sites here. One of the beautiful examples of this can be seen in the historic remains of Bhangarh which is an Archaeological Survey of India site.
  • Amazing wildlife – With some of the best-known birdwatching sites of India such as Bharatpur, and wildlife sanctuaries such as Sariska and Ranthambore, Rajasthan is a great place to see the wildlife in all its glory.
  • Festivals and fairs – Several festivals and fairs take place in Rajasthan and provide a great way to explore the real culture of the place. These fairs not only showcase arts and crafts but are also great places to shop.

Where to stay in Rajasthan?

Dera Village, The Clement Retreats is not only one of the finest but also one of the most authentic experiences of experiencing the rustic Rajasthan. The Majestic Aravalis that surrounds this beautiful cottage-style retreat makes it a unique and luxurious choice of accommodation. The cottages here are inspired by the “Dhaanis” or local tribal huts, yet have every conceivable modern facility with fully air-conditioning and fully contemporary ensuite bathrooms. You can enjoy table tennis, snooker and a wide variety of board games.

You can also enjoy a variety of birds, thanks to the greenery surrounding the resort. You can also tour the world-famous haunted Bhangarh ruins by traveling just 90 minutes from the resort. All your meals are included with your stay made with ingredients organically produced within the resorts. If you book through the Luxury Escapes hotel booking app, you can find great deals including a host of complimentary benefits and privileges starting at INR 18,999 for a two nights stay for two adults and two children.