Essential Steps To Dress Up For An Interview

Essential Steps To Dress Up For An Interview
Essential Steps To Dress Up For An Interview

It may sound strange but it holds true. One really needs to dress up for success! What one wears to an interview is just as important as what is there on their resume. First impressions are as important as anything. It is so because it is what recruiters are going to remember or recall after a certain period of time.

First impressions are formed within a couple of seconds; it might be after hearing someone’s tone of voice or based on how they reflect their personality. But more than that, it is usually a thought process where it is important to look good and feel good.

Your appearance can either make you or break you in the minds of the hiring manager or the recruiter. If they like what you do or how you carry yourself, it will increase your chances of getting hired, and if otherwise, you might lose a good opportunity coming your way.

Even if you know all the answers, but if you don’t feel confident enough of yourself, it might not give a good impression at all. Your appearance might offend the person in front of you.

So, the next thought that will strike onto our minds would be – what outfit to wear that will create a good and lasting impression and how, what to do with the accessories and makeup, and much more.

Finding out what sort of industry you are going to be a part of, start communicating with other people who have already worked there in the past or are working currently, if possible.

If you are being interviewed in a particular industry, get to know their culture and do’s and dont’s of the organization. Know your clientele’s expectations and the style statement they usually follow, adapt to the new norms and act accordingly. This way it might help you with your own wardrobe choices.

Also, it sounds pretty obvious but can be overlooked though, take proper notes if they specify a certain dress code on their website, in an official email being provided to you, or in the job listings. And if they don’t specify by any means, choose wisely!

If it is not provided to you anywhere about the dress code you have to wear, just simply assume that they want a complete professional business attire, and go as conservative as you can with your wardrobe. As it is often said, it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Next comes the basics for a job interview you are going to appear in. Depending on the kind of job you are going to be in, there is normally an expected dress code for such interviews that are being conducted. Though it may vary a bit from person to person. 

However, the below mentioned are the few pointers to be always kept in mind and taken into consideration.

  • Stick yourself to the classic professional pieces, like blazers, trousers, pants, pencil skirts, blouses and sheath dresses.
  • Keep your accessories very simple and statement-making – something that gives a complete professional look. They should not be extremely distracting but shall add to one’s personality as per their desired look.
  • Go for pumps in a sober and decent colour, but stick to the height of the heels that usually works for you. It would be better to walk confidently in flats rather than tottering around in stilettos. Also, remember to confine with closed-toed shoes unless your industry is more casual in this regard.
  • If one chooses to go for western wear, like skirts and dresses, it shall hit just above the knee or at the knee, or just below the knee. Simply stating, nothing too short or too long.
  • If in case of doubt, bring a blazer along with you. But note that most of the outfits below do not usually include a blazer, but it’d be best to have one in hand if you are unsure in that case regarding how formally your interview is going to be conducted. Any which way, adding a blazer would be a sure shot good idea as it gives a formal touch to the look.

Now comes the makeup with regard to the upcoming interview. There are a lot of things to consider before heading towards the job scenario. Like how to delicately approach your weaknesses and how soon to follow up once you finish that interview. 

What you might not have thought of before, however, is how to do your makeup. Different jobs call for different looks so one should tailor their makeup accordingly. Go for something natural when being interviewed for a corporate position.

For almost every situation, choose a look that will be completely perfect for any job you are looking forward to landing. It shall not necessarily be bold and daring and would not distract the interviewer but still looks like you took the time to look your best.

The soft brown or tan shade smokey eyes paired up with the neutral pink lip shade would look more appropriately professional and a totally chic look.

For the corporate sector, never forget the basic rule – less is more. Giving a subtle smokey eye and a little tinge of gloss goes a really long way. 

But if working in an environment where makeup is not at all required or feels a little out of place, going for a low-key makeup look is something that may be considered. 

One should become the beauty guru in such a case nailing the all-no-makeup look in just less than merely five minutes, by simply applying a few products and creating a makeup look one would obviously want to rock every day.

Some basic tips to be always remembered:

  • Always match your makeup to your tone of the skin
  • Be primed against blush
  • Try skipping the fake eyelashes
  • Avoid clumpy mascaras
  • Prefer a natural lip gloss instead of a lipstick
  • Be classy and natural

You should always dress up for the job you want instead of the one you have.

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