Different Saree Fabrics To Add To Your Wardrobe Now!

Different Saree Fabrics To Add To Your Wardrobe Now!
Different Saree Fabrics To Add To Your Wardrobe Now!

Breaking all the existing fashion stereotypes, sarees, indeed, rule across all seasons. Be it a wedding, a corporate affair, brunch, or a family gathering; the urge to drape six yards of rich fabric saree is unanimous. From a designer silk saree to a daily wear cotton saree, you have an array of trendy options. 

Are you also considering shopping for a saree but unsure of which fabric to choose? Don’t worry because we have picked a list of 9 different saree fabrics you should own immediately. We firmly believe that style should accompany comfort, so we have listed the best saree materials that elevate your saree experience. Keep reading to find out the best saree fabrics to own.

Silk Sarees

Gorgeous silk fabric sarees are quite popular options for weddings and festive occasions. Silk is considered an opulent fabric that brings out the best in you. This fabric absorbs moisture quickly, keeping your body cosy. That’s the reason why a designer silk saree is a trendy choice for winter weddings. 

One of the best parts of wearing silk sarees is that they do not wrinkle much. Thus, you can wear them for special events to make an unforgettable impression. Unquestionably, traditional silk sarees exude elegance like no other!

Linen Sarees

Made from the fibres of the flax plant, linen is one of the oldest fabrics as it is around 4000 years old. This light and airy fabric is defined by comfort, convenience and style. Besides, you can wear linen sarees in any season and time of the year. 

Linen sarees are popular for their exceptional freshness and coolness in hot and humid weather. That’s why most women prefer this fabric for daily wear sarees. So, embrace the strong texture, comfortable feel, and lustrous appearance of a printed linen saree.

Georgette Sarees

When we talk about ethnic wear for women, you simply just cannot miss out on Georgette sarees. This fabric is a woven silk textile which is translucent with a puckered surface and a stunning drape. Georgette sarees with shimmery sequin detailing or fringe detailing at pallu are great picks for partywear. This stylish and cosy fabric is not only comfortable to wear but also looks exceptionally dynamic. 

Therefore, get an exclusive georgette sari to flaunt your style with a certain degree of class. Moreover, you will be glad to know that georgette sarees can make you look slimmer while accentuating your curves. This soft, lightweight, and flattering fabric suits all body types.

Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon sarees need no introduction because everyone is aware of their versatility and elegance. Whether it’s a family gathering, social event, wedding, or festival, you can wear a chiffon fabric saree on any occasion. The delicate appearance and good strength of chiffon sarees make them aesthetically appealing. 

They come in a range of styles and hues, and they are effortlessly drapable. A royal blue chiffon saree adorned with sequins and zari embroidery work is sure to find a permanent place in your ethnic closet. The fabric falls snugly around the curves to give you a classy look. So, make a grand entry at every traditional function in a gorgeous chiffon saree stylized with beautiful motifs and other embellishments.

Cotton Sarees

The delicate touch and utmost comfort of cotton sarees make them popular. Undoubtedly, cotton has been one of the best materials for sarees since time immemorial. While cotton sarees are great options for summer, there are several cotton-blend sarees that you can wear in the winter as well. 

Moreover, cotton is a lightweight, flexible, skin-friendly, and breathable fabric which everyone adores. In fact, it is a great material for everyday wear. The newness and lustre of a designer pure cotton saree will go on forever. Undoubtedly, it is a must-have for every Indian woman due to its versatility, comfort, and affordability. 

Net Sarees

As the name suggests, the fabric has net-like characteristics, and when stylized into a saree, it gives the illusion of transparency. Net sarees have been a popular ethnic fashion trend. The netted, flimsy fabrics of net sarees effortlessly drape around your body to accentuate your features and make you the spotlight of the gathering. 

In addition, net sarees make an ideal choice for cocktail parties and wedding receptions. A designer fancy net saree with elaborate embroidery work lends a feminine appeal to the wearer that grabs eyeballs. You can pair your net saree with appropriate jewellery for greater impact.

Crepe Sarees

The highlight of crepe sarees is their peculiar crisp and crimped appearance. This fabric has been around in western fashion for the past several years, but it became popular in India recently. Many women love to wear stylish crepe silk sarees with block prints. 

These crepe sarees come with a distinctive sheen and sophisticated drape that sets them apart. You can wear them for both casual as well as festive occasions. The visual aesthetic and shimmer appeal of this material will make it your go-to choice. Update your wardrobe with an elegant crepe saree embellished with an enchanting design. 

Lycra Sarees

A beautiful pre-stitched lycra saree will instantly glam up your look. Also called Spandex, lycra is a synthetic fibre known for its flexible elasticity. This stretchy material is not only used for manufacturing sarees but other outfits as well. Some of the reasons why many women prefer lycra sarees are that they are lightweight, strong, comfortable, and resistant to perspiration. 

Besides, the ease of carrying a lycra saree is commendable. You can go for a plain saree in lycra fabric with embellished blouses to make heads turn at your next party. You can further jazz up your ethnic look with a fancy belt to accentuate the waistline.

Organza Sarees

Organza is a delicate silk-woven material. Sarees made in organza fabric showcase the perfect blend of old-world charm and modernity. If you want to make a strong fashion statement on festive occasions, organza sarees are excellent options. The smooth texture and delicate sheer appearance of the organza gives you an ethereal look. 

You can easily find beautifully crafted organza sarees in a variety of styles and colours. Certainly, an organza saree with stunning craftsmanship is the epitome of elegance in the truest sense. Make sure a pink organza cord embroidered saree is a part of your personal saree collection.

In Conclusion

The relationship of Indian women with saree is well-known worldwide. There are times or occasions when it becomes essential to flaunt these traditional textiles. However, choosing the best saree fabric is often a challenging task. But, hopefully, this blog will guide you in your saree-shopping journey to invest in the right fabrics that blend both style and comfort. Make sure to own all those saree fabrics mentioned above to get the best compliments for your ethnic look. 

We have listed various Indian saree materials to help you achieve the ideal look for specific occasions. As we already know that Indian women consider the saree a pious attire for festivities, you are now all set to create an ultimate saree closet for yourself! So, bring these saree fabrics to your wardrobe without much ado. You can also share your thoughts on sarees in the comments below.