Different Best Bathroom Tiles Design In The World

Different Best Bathroom Tiles Design In The World
Different Best Bathroom Tiles Design In The World

As we know there are many different bathroom tiles design available in the market. Here We will discuss some of the best bathroom tile designs in the world.

Best Bathroom Tiles Designs In The World

Different cultures of nations, their traditions and customs have contributed their characteristic features and flavor to traditional interiors. Egyptian mystery, Arab pretense, or African originality will add a special charm to the appearance of the bathroom tiles design.


In Arabic style bathroom tiles designs, the oriental style in the interior of the bathroom is Scheherazade fairy tales. Wealth of decoration, bright and vivid colors. Absolute favorites are a wide variety of shades of red, gold, yellow, blue, and turquoise. Among the mandatory elements of oriental bathroom tiles design, it should be noted the absence of straight lines, beautiful wood carvings, stained glass, fabrics. The bathroom tiles should certainly have mirrors, candles, vases, as if connecting this room with a fairy tale and magic. A great way to give the bathroom tiles an oriental touch is to make drywall niches at the beginning of the finishing work. It is good if its outline follows the contours of traditional oriental architectural masterpieces. In such a niche, exotic souvenirs and accessories made of metal, multi-colored glass, bone figurines, elegant figurines, and vases will look great.

When decorating a bathroom tiles design in an oriental style, you should opt for a glossy ceramic mosaic tile or tiles with traditional oriental motifs – damask pattern, floral ornaments, paisley pattern. Handmade tiles and mosaic panels made by artisans from Indian and some other countries look fantastic in such a bathroom. However, in the collections of the leading tile manufacturers of Italy, India, and sometimes Spain, you can find no less worthy samples of magnificent ceramics, made in the best traditions of the Arab style.

The eastern interior is a territory of happiness and relaxation. Therefore, it is in the bathroom where the notes of the East in decoration and decoration will be appropriate, like in no other room. European comfort and Arab exoticism, in general, give a very harmonious combination, filling the space with a special atmosphere. Furniture decorated with carvings and inlays, luxurious marble countertops, or its successful imitation of modern agglomerate materials will enhance the oriental atmosphere in the interior. As for lighting, it is desirable to provide the ability to adjust its intensity, so it will be more convenient to create an atmosphere of happiness and relaxation in the bathroom.

Oriental lamps and lanterns with forged elements and colored glass inserts will be very appropriate here. A perfect complement to the bathroom tiles interior in the style of “Arabian Nights”: openwork forged items and semi-antique forged accessories. For example, a mirror with a heavy wrought iron frame or wall sconces.


The African style bathroom tiles design is the identity of the black continent, a unique combination of primitivism with national traditions and religious beliefs of the African tribes. When the word “Africa” ​​is mentioned, associations with wildlife, safaris, roaring lions, hunting zebras, wild tribes dancing ritual dances around the fire immediately come to mind. The easiest way to bring the spirit of Africa into the bathroom tile design is to decorate the walls with glazed ceramic tiles with national ornaments and decorate it with elements of African decor – vases, furs, ornaments. Mosaic placed on the walls, paintings with African ethnic drawings, will look spectacular.

The colors used for “African bathroom tiles designs” in most cases: fiery red and its less warm tones: dark yellow, orange, dark brown. A special technique that Afro style supports in the bathroom tiles design is the creation of decorative designs in the style of primitivism or “naive” art. These are traditional African drawings, reminiscent of children, or graffiti on rocks. You can’t ignore the various add-ons that convey the local flavor. First of all, African masks, Moroccan floor lamps, covered in leather or painted with natural dyes.


Everyone knows and is quite popular today the Mediterranean style bathroom tiles design. The Greek-style bathroom tiles design is one of the varieties of the Mediterranean, but unlike its other directions, such as the Roman, it does not tolerate pretense, pomp, and deliberate elegance. The main characteristic feature of the Greek style bathroom tiles design is naturalness and closeness to nature. This style brings the atmosphere of green olive groves to the house, a breath of Mediterranean breeze from the shores of Attica.

The bathroom tiles design with the theme of ancient Greece looks very harmonious. The simplicity of forms, clear lines, without excessive elegance: we can say that the ancient Greeks were the progenitors of modern minimalism. It is advisable to use natural materials as wall decoration: decorative wooden panels, rattan furniture, environmentally friendly plasters, and paints. For the floor, in addition to the traditional terracotta tiles, it is recommended to use polished pebbles or mosaics. The choice of color used for the “Greek bathroom tiles design” is mainly olive, pale yellow, turquoise, blue. Accessories – antique floor amphorae. You can decorate the room with copies of famous works of ancient sculptors. The Greek-style bathroom tiles design is very light and cheerful, it will bring an atmosphere of lightness and pleasure to the bathroom.


The Egyptian style bathroom tiles design is first and foremost the interior of the pharaohs and high priests, a sense of the wealth and luxury of an ancient civilization. It is attractive for its laconic and monumental nature of easily recognizable art forms, calm symmetry, ancient hieroglyphs, and ornaments intertwining ocher, beige, and sand colors, luxurious frescoes, original columns.

In ancient Egyptian temples, the walls were painted with ornaments and hieroglyphs, so when creating a bathroom tiles design in the Egyptian style, you can choose bathroom tiles design with decorative elements in the form of hieroglyphs or in the appropriate ornamental style. An interesting effect can be obtained by decorating the walls with recessed ceramic tiles with a weft pattern or simple ornamentation made of vine, lotus flowers, palm leaves, and pomegranate branches.

Egypt is a country of red sand and stones, therefore warm tones are used in painting the walls, neutral tones: beige, warm light yellow, reddish-brown, sand. The range of colors of the ancient Egyptians was limited, since they used paints of natural origin, which were not mixed with each other, but were applied in a “pure” way. Gold is used a lot in the interior, giving the impression of the luxury of the pharaoh’s palaces.

Colored sculptures, bas-reliefs, murals, and mosaics using Egyptian symbols generally recreate the spirit of the ancient era in the modern bathroom tiles design. The highlights are the decorations in the form of a sphinx head, a urea snake, a beetle, a hawk with outstretched wings. They can be simply towel racks or plumbing fixtures. In any case, the symbolism of Ancient Egypt is numerous and varied, you can draw from it those images that are more in line with your worldview and the nature of the interior.

All of the above are on the top of bathroom tile designs in the world. So now you can choose the best bathroom tiles designs and decorate your bathroom in a modern style.