The Main Differences Between Men and Women’s Motorcycle Gear

The Main Differences Between Men and Women’s Motorcycle Gear
The Main Differences Between Men and Women’s Motorcycle Gear

Men and women are known to be different, especially when it comes to clothes, and fashion, which also applies to motorcycle clothing. The thing with motorcycle clothing is that, for the most part, they are all about function and practicality. Style clearly comes into part of the characteristics that define them, ultimately though, motorcycle clothing goes a lot deeper than simply being an item of fashionable clothing.

For fun, or for necessity?

According to several sources, ladies are content to browse vast clothes and adornment ranges or take a detour via the footwear section, for many, shopping is a pastime rather than a necessary process. When it comes to guys, the process of shopping is more of a goal, and the object must meet the objective, and generally, speaking guys are out to buy a certain thing and will leave the store as soon as they find the most suitable items.

The statistics regarding men’s vs. ladies’ motorcycle clothing, when it comes to fashion generally remain the same in the world of online shopping too. Several studies have also found that while buying online, males prefer to adhere to their goals, whilst women tend to be a little more adventurous, by exploring women’s motorcycle gear in different items and categories.

The looks

In terms of shape, style, and pattern, men’s and women’s clothing have significantly distinct qualities, and that doesn’t stop when it comes to motorcycle gear either. You will absolutely notice a difference; motorcycle jackets are a perfect example. Women’s jackets have more prominent waists, busts, and hips, whereas men’s jackets are straighter cut. Women’s motorcycle jacket sleeves are also shorter and broader than men’s jacket sleeves.


You will also notice that women’s motorcycle jackets feature more styles too, many are created with trendy or athletic colours and embellished with numerous tassels, however, there are simple jacket options, which are also available for ladies, if they want to tone it down a little bit.


Men’s and women’s motorcycle trousers are also very distinct, guys trousers are cut straighter and broader because men apparently enjoy a bit of extra legroom. Women’s trousers, on the other hand, are more often than not more of a fitted shape, in order to emphasise the hip, bottom, and leg area.

Women’s trousers that may be rolled up, or offer a more tailored fit are also available, men’s trousers tend to be much simpler than women’s trousers too.


Moving on to the feet and one of the most commonly injured parts of a motorcycle rider, motorcycle boots are a really important part of a rider’s attire. Boots for men and ladies are completely different in pretty much every way, other than the size, women’s motorcycle boots tend to have a higher heel than that of men’s boots. The vast majority of men’s boots are often shorter in length; however, some women’s boots are taller and can reach just below the knee. While men choose boots for comfort, many women purchase boots for their appearance, colour, and pattern.