Difference between Good and Bad Impacts of Tobacco on Human Health

Difference between Good and Bad Impacts of Tobacco on Human Health
Difference between Good and Bad Impacts of Tobacco on Human Health

E-cigarettes require proper protection because they are often very delicate products. E-cigarette boxes are designed in a way that attracts the customers with their enticing looks. They convince the customers to buy these products even if they do not seem to need them. These boxes have windows in them to augment the shopping experience of the customers. These packages are eco-friendly and are 100 percent biodegradable. Tobacco is one of the main elements present in these cigarettes, and they have both good and bad effects on human health. If you are interested in knowing more, then follow the article below.

Good impacts of Tobacco on Human Health

A potential way to avoid Parkinson’s disease.

Throughout the years, many pieces of research have linked smoking with relatively lower incidents of Parkinson’s disease. Almost 50 percent of the people who smoked regularly had half the chances of a nonsmoker for catching this disease. Nicotine, one of the basic elements in tobacco, which is used for smoking, seems to be the reason for it. Data from 2004-2005 research indicates that almost 97 percent of deaths in Australia due to Parkinson’s disease can be avoided by smoking. In some cases, it also influences the semantic processing in older individuals that are healthy. However, in 2014 a surgeon reported that the effects of nicotine regarding Parkinson’s disease are limited and are with inconsistent results.

Better cognitive performance

Research conducted a few years ago indicated that nicotine has some positive effects on the following six main domains.

  • Changing-attention precision
  • Patient response time
  • Fine motor
  • Orientation attention in response time
  • Working-memory of response time
  • Short-term memory accuracy

There is a good amount of evidence in this research that nicotine is capable of stimulating immediate and sustained enhancements in the case of working memory. But it is worth mentioning that when done excessively, smoking can seem to do the opposite effects. 

Resistance to skin cancer

One early piece of research indicated that smoking has a protective effect in the case of melanoma. With advancements in the research methods, they also suggest that nicotine might be the reason for this resistance. However, these researches are often the ones that provide inconsistent data. Furthermore, no clear amount of dosage is mentioned for usage. So eventually, this weakens the argument for nicotine being a possible cure for melanoma.

Bad effects of Tobacco on Human Health

Lung damages

There is no denying that smoking cigarette, whether they are packaged in regular boxes or specialized E-cigarette boxes, is not good for your health. When a person smokes, their lungs not only breathe in nicotine but several other chemicals too. Cigarettes are responsible for increasing the risk of lung cancer substantially. This risk is noted to be almost 26times greater in women as compared to 25% in men. Many reports often suggest that 8 out of 10 deaths due to lung cancer have smoking behind them. The American lung association reports that almost 80 percent of deaths from the chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder are caused by smoking. Cigarettes are also linked with bronchitis and can lead to an asthma attack.

Heart diseases

Smoking tobacco is often the cause of damaged hearts, blood vessels, and several blood cells. The chemicals involved in these tobacco infused cigarettes can increase the risk of catching atherosclerosis in the person. This is basically the accumulation of plague in the blood veins. This can lead to blockage of blood and can severely damage the health of a person. Smoking is also responsible for PAD, or in other words, peripheral artery disease. It happens when the arteries that are running in the legs and arms start to shrink. This results in restricting blood flow and causing several problems. Many pieces of research over the years have indicated that even the people who have quit smoking for some time are still at risk of getting PAD.

Fertility issues

Smoking tobacco is also linked with decreasing and damaging the fertility of both men and women. For women, it can damage the reproductive system and can make it harder for them to get pregnant. This is because the chemicals like nicotine and others damage the hormone levels inside the human body. For men, it can cause infertility problems too, and their performance will be affected highly. It can also decrease the libido for both genders, which will result in less desire for reproduction. Research over the years has shown that a couple who usually smokes has a hard time getting pregnant as compared to their counterparts.  

Nicotine is an attractive chemical, and it is partially because of its ability to provide the brain with dopamine. The next time you see E-cigarette boxes, and you are inclined to buy them, take some time, and weigh the pros and cons of smoking first. There are some good benefits of smoking too, but a vast majority is against the use of tobacco.