CV Management Software A Tool To Automate The Hiring Process

CV Management Software A Tool To Automate The Hiring Process
CV Management Software A Tool To Automate The Hiring Process

CV management is an area where the HR department is the main responsible source. A powerful resume is a need for any candidate to prove that they deserve the job position. All the job portals receive thousands of CVs daily, and out of which the capable ones are to be shortlisted and to be called for the further process. 

Manually, it isn’t possible to deal with a large number of CVs successfully and the accuracy in shortlisting candidates is impossible by hand. To maintain accuracy CV software is an essential requirement.

New Cutting Edge CV Software Are Used Everywhere

The times when outlook express was popular as recruitment software has gone. Outlook Express doesn’t offer all the add-ons that cutting edge CV management tool can offer. For instance, using outlook express you can share your files over the network with other users, however, you can’t look for the attachments that you require. 

The one way out left to manage the CVs is through folders. You need to make folders for the rejected candidates, chosen competitors, etc. This process is convenient when you have work on a small scale that is in the event of the less number of job applicants. However, it becomes unmanageable when the list of candidates increases and you need to keep track of every candidate.

Also, using outlook express or email client as the parsing software isn’t workable for every situation as, if you wish to interview a specific candidate on a scheduled date and if on the off chance that candidate isn’t available and speaks to you, with respect to change of schedule, there is no option where you can save or record this information. 

Web 2.0 Enables Providing Of CV Software As A Service

You have the option to utilizing the CV parsing software on the market today. There are a couple of such software products that must be installed on each and every computer separately. These again, can get monotonous to use. Advancement to this CV management software is that offered by Web 2.0.

Web 2.0 offers an option where several providers offer HR software as a service to the users. For using this service all that the user requires is to have an internet browser to surf on. You need to pay the monthly membership fees to start using these services.

A capable CV manager software has following qualities: 

  • It enables users to integrate your email system with the software. 
  • It has an in-built CV parser to extract all the key attributes that you look for in a CV. 
  • It offers a total of text-based searching options. 
  • It offers the user the option of mass mail or messages. 
  • It offers the user the feature to import CVs from other sources. 
  • It also supports all file formats.
  • Last but not least it can offer the user the capability to manually upload the CV.

CV Management Tool Automates The Recruiting Process For User

The online recruiting and CV management tool when setup accurately gets linked with the mail server and automatically looks for the data for example, CVs and uploads them to your database. From this database you can continue with the further processes for sorting the best CVs, scheduling interviews, etc. You may even use the online screening tool, that automatically filters the eligible candidates and send them notifications in like manner.

CV Software have certain advantages like following:

  • They help in automating the recruitment process, to a certain level. 
  • Save time – as, there is no need to do many manual entries, so saving plenty of time. The software is based on the relational database concept; in this way, any transaction entry will generate several effects on varied parameters. 
  • It saves time in manual search for records on a candidate. Users can obtain relevant candidate information plus job order, client, and hiring manager. 
  • This software tool maximize efficiency through providing the latest, updated information at any time. 

As a result, CV software proves to be a solution that enables the HR department to hire the best employees who enable an organization to achieve its long-term objectives and goals. Overall, the CV management software makes selecting and appointing suitable candidates for various job roles a walk in the park for the HR department. All in all, the software solution keeps a record of the candidates’ interviews, maintains the data of the complete hiring process, and helps create, store, and search the files of a specific candidate. This software even has the function to store the record of an entire range of jobs, information about the various clients, notwithstanding the details on the employers. The cutting edge recruitment software has been a blessing for the HR department, as it has helped automate the hiring process to a great extent.