What colors are okay for an Indian woman to wear to weddings?
What colors are okay for an Indian woman to wear to weddings?

Weddings come only once in a lifetime and add a new dimension to life and different hope. A girl’s wedding day is special to her, and it is her dream day. Any wish of hers is accomplished on the wedding day. She looks more beautiful and gets to wear pretty dresses, beautiful accessories, and lots of makeup. It is also essential to check out different places with wedding collections for women.

A woman’s dress, jewelry, and cosmetics on the wedding day have to be perfect. Simply put, she is a bride, and this is the most beautiful and happiest day of her lifetime; one of the first steps to making sure that happens is by making wise choices.

Different types of bridal dresses

Let’s start with the wedding gown’s fabric, which can be Jamawar, silk, mesh, or lace, among other choices. These materials will add a luxurious touch to the wedding gown. One must also consider the wedding season when selecting the wedding gown. If the marriage is in the summer, people should pick a lighter outfit material such as cotton, lace, or net, and if one is getting married in the winter, velvet clothing can be ideal and best for them.

Brides who would like to look lean and fit should go for a stunning sari for their wedding. Brides always look gorgeous in sarees. Lehenga is a very conventional attire in Indian weddings, and nowadays, most brides wear them. Brides that want to make a cheerful and vivid statement can go for a lehenga. A typical choli lehenga, which is very trendy these days, could be the best choice.

With the latest fashion, the trend is evolving, and Western-style is becoming increasingly common in Indian weddings and wedding events. If the bride enjoys Western-style, a lovely Western gown will be a perfect choice. Gharara/Sharara is also an excellent option for pre-wedding functions. Bear in mind that the bride will be wearing various costumes in different colors for the wedding events.

Colors of the bridal dresses

New-generation brides are willing to do new things to make their wedding gown one-of-a-kind. They experiment with unusual combinations, styles, and designs. Wedding gown designers strive tirelessly to produce exceptional wedding gowns for their customers.

Instead of experimenting with the same color, try something different. Here are some of the most trendy bridal colors that Indian brides can choose.

  • The conventional daring red: Any color can make a comeback, but red remains one of the most popular Indian bridal colors. Red represents love, bravery, strength, and power, among other things. Pure red wedding sarees, choli, and gowns can turn any woman into a beautiful bride. To keep custom at heart, wedding gown artists are now creating revolutionary red bridal pieces.
  • Ivory and golden: Most traditional Kerala sarees are pure ivory and have golden borders to them. Lately, a lot of bridal attires and sarees in pure ivory are coming up. And it is evident that it not only looks beautiful, but it also captures the spirit of the bride in the most memorable way. The mixture of ivory and gold is very soothing.
  • Blue and powder blue: Strangely, no one generally thinks of blue as a bridal color. However, this hue will make everyone feel beautiful. Yes, the same majestic blue, sapphire blue, or royal blue. Experts agree that a rich blue hue looks stunning on Indian skin tones. Powder blue could be the right color for the wedding dress if the designer is a little more imaginative than standard. It is a shade that would undoubtedly make people look like Cinderella or a fairytale doll.
  • Pink and Peach blush: Peach is an elegant, quiet, yet endearing color. Bridal wear in peach is not something that people expect. But if one is willing to defy convention, they can go for a soft-toned peach color gown for the wedding.
  • Royal gold: Gold sarees were always a common choice among brides. Even though it can be as big or as soft as people like, it never loses its allure. Gold wedding sarees with pure white, purple, violet, and maroon are breathtaking. Try it out and see because gold will work its magic.
  • Orange: A mixture of orange and its combinations is never a bad choice. In wedding photos, brides clad in orange tend to make an impression.
  • Luscious green: Dark green has caught the attention as one of the most recent additions to the wedding dress’ color palette. Bridal sarees in dark greens, in particular, have recently stolen the show in wedding collections for women.