Bulk Email Hosting: The Right Way to Send Emails in Bulk

Bulk Email Hosting: The Right Way to Send Emails in Bulk
Bulk Email Hosting: The Right Way to Send Emails in Bulk

Bulk email sending is a new age email marketing strategy. But you would be surprised to know that your emails are actually of no use if they are not received by your target audience. To be more clear, if your bulk emails do not reach your receiver’s inbox then all of them are going to into waste. It can be then considered to be a sheer waste of time and capital.

But what is the solution to this problem?

Bulk email hosting has turned out to be one of the best ways to improve email deliverability. Now you must be thinking that what is the difference between bulk email and general email hosting. There is a big difference. When you are dealing with business emails, then there is not a small set of people to whom you have to send marketing emails. Hence, to handle and manage emails in such bulk, one needs a special email hosting that has expertise in it.

Emails might sound like a very primary source to promote your brand but are still relevant in the market with an equal impact like other sources of digital marketing. This proves that even after multiple developments in social media communication platforms, emailing is beneficial for the business world. Bulk email hosting helps in achieving all the targets of marketing through emails.

There are so many technical specifications attached to bulk email hosting to make your business emails reach the right place at the right time. Some of those strategies that bulk email hosting carries out are-

  • Bulk email verification – Bulk email list verification is a necessary tool that companies use for sending emails in bulk. This tool helps in verifying the authenticity of the email addresses. By authenticity of email address, it means that it checks the validity and its deliverability. The process of bulk email verification involves analysis going from address to address. There is a pre-defined list from which emails are checked. This is carried with the help of already existing validation techniques and an internal database following a set algorithm.
  • Creates a subdomain for emailing – It might sound unnecessary to you, but by establishing a sub-domain you will keep your email marketing purposes very exclusive. A separate domain turns out to be more trustworthy for your users and thus is highly recommendable. The reason why it is so recommendable is that it helps in dealing with domain-based certification filters and makes your targets easily achievable. It makes all your email activities more secure and so is an added benefit.
  • Keeps Sender Policy framework as essential – An SPF or Sender Policy Framework is also very important for the trust factor as it is very much popular in the eyes of your users. The domain name is checked across the associated IP address and once it is checked SPF assures for its legitimation. If SPF does not match, then all the associated emails will get rejected.
  • Always looks out for feedback – There is no such big ISP (Internet Service Provider) who does not reveal the past feedback loops. Through these feedback loops, one can get a lot of information from the recipient’s end. There are registered complaints regarding some ill deeds from the sender’s email. Through Yahoo or Microsoft, you can easily extract such information from feedback loops.
  • Maintaining an emailing schedule – Deviating from your emailing schedule can lead to sending spikes. Sticking to a consistent emailing schedule to avoid low sending scores. This will also prevent your email address from showing an erratic broadcast activity.
  • Avoiding check-in box – This is the most common mistake that most of the email users do and end up receiving spams in bulk. Thus, to avoid this one must switch to double opt-in or confirmed opt-in just like in bulk email hosting. This is a great strategy but the only problem is that it is not that automatic as the checking inbox method but is way more secured.
  • Filtering your mailing list – This is one of the most useful strategies that bulk email hosting follows. There always presents a list of non-existent email addresses. Sending emails to such non-existent users might hamper your bounce rate. Not only this will disturb your credibility in the long run. For this, they check for such users who have not been active for the past few months. This can also lead to blockage of your IP in the worst situation. But why to worry when bulk email hosting takes care of all such activities beforehand.  
  • Maintaining the mailing frequency – Setting up the right frequency in mailing helps you in generating the desired revenue. The whole agenda of maintaining the frequency is to maximize deliverability and sending the right number of emails. Attaining a perfect frequency is not that easy but through proper testing, one can achieve it. Set your own standards like for example- sending a single email per week can be considered a good frequency rate.

These are some of the strategies that bulk email hosting follows. Through these set standards they guarantee to reach your marketing targets. Give your email marketing game that edges through bulk email hosting that it deserves. In no time you might be observing wonders in your business. Also, you would be surprised to see that these bulk email hosting plans are not that expensive at all. Hence, get that ease of mailing in the most secure manner and environment.