Building a Mobile wallet app gaining more users with additional features

Building a Mobile wallet app gaining more users with additional features
Building a Mobile wallet app gaining more users with additional features


A mobile wallet is like an e-commerce utility built exclusively for mobile devices and acts like an unavoidable instrument for people and companies to transact money through their mobile apps.

Making transactions on a mobile wallet is safe, comfortable, and secure without the need to visit a bank or an ATM.

Here we will be discussing building a mobile wallet. Before that, know why we need to build a mobile wallet app?


Using a mobile wallet app enables your business to be more competitive and easily accessible and available to the user. They have easy money transactions in all forms of industries, without any hassle. 

These days, people, businesses, and brands/companies prefer using their mobile wallet because it saves and eases transactions and online or offline purchases. The mobile wallet app is easily accessible and widely used by almost all users in the country.

In today’s digital world, an increased number of people and businesses use mobile wallets for all the transactions. As they want their transaction to be in a safe and secure way.

Mobile payments have become necessary that boost the company’s growth and make their work easier and safer. It not just benefits the businesses but is globally used with trust and benefits in other industries such as travel, shopping, entertainment, and so on.

The rapid usage of digital services combined with the urgency of alternative safe and secured payment methods such as cryptocurrencies has made developing or building an e-Wallet app a must.

For the user’s side or portal, developing mobile wallet apps with the following features helps businesses sustain their customers for a longer time. They are

Users registration

The users will be prompted to register in the mobile wallet app by entering their personal details and their bank account details for transactions. Once the registration process is complete, they can send and receive money with the mobile wallet app.

Recharging & Bill Payments

Even mobile recharging can be done through mobile wallets and can carry out other bill payments with ease.

Push- notifications

With the instant push notification available in the mobile wallet app, users are notified of any latest offers and other transactions.

Easy Integration

Develop the app that helps to integrate the user’s account with the mobile wallet app.

Adding Money

Ensure users add money to their connected bank account with the app for future purchases and transactions.

Transaction History

Build a mobile wallet app that assures users to view all the transactions that happened so far with a comprehensive list of transactions.

QR Codes

Having this feature makes the transaction much comfortable and easier.

All it takes is to scan the code, enter the amount, and you are good to pay.

This is a two-dimensional square-shaped barcode that has encoded data in it. The data is linked to the website. These codes are generally used for advertising purposes, email list segmentation, etc.

Digital Receipts

Once the transaction is completed, ensure instantly sending an auto-generated email to the customer’s registered email address with you for their information and record.  

Users should also be provided with a digital receipt for confirmation of their money transactions’ success or failure through your digital wallet app – irrespective of the money that has been transacted.

Reward Points

This feature helps to sustain your digital wallet app in your users’ minds and makes them your loyal and potential users. This gives users a little motivation to use a mobile wallet app by rewards.

Users should have free access to redeem their reward points as per their choice. This will help you easily analyze and know your target audience and scale your business if you work on these analytics.

Enable users to access the following services and include those while developing a mobile wallet app. They are,

  • Bill payments
  • Fee Payments
  • Mobile Top Up
  • Showing all -data plans
  • Train Ticket Booking
  • Fund Transfer
  • Merchant Deals
  • Booking Tickets
  • Gas Registration and much more.

The reason why most of the branded companies and users prefer using a mobile wallet apps are,

Easy to Use

For any business or an app to be successful and reach an audience early, everyone has to easily access and understand it, even with their first time using the mobile wallet app.

Biometric Protection

If you want your mobile wallet app to be used with highly advanced security features, include biometric protection support in it.

For that, make sure the user mobile device is advanced enough to use this technology to keep their fingerprints and patterns needed to initiate the transaction and even open the mobile wallet app.

Builds Trust

Developing a mobile wallet app without reaching your audience is a waste of time. To reach them, focus on building trust with users by giving them high transparency of the operation. And this mobile wallet app does that, giving huge success to the business.

User Interface

The app has an attractive and eye-catching look pleasing users to stay connected with the app.

Secure Payments

This feature in the e-wallet mobile app gives users the opportunity to have safe and secure money transactions.

The app is built with various services, especially for security purposes. They included,

  • Bug fixing
  • Loophole Testing
  • Penetration Testing

Bug fixing

Having bugs is quite common in all mobile applications. Keeping that in mind, the mobile wallet application has a bug fixing team that quickly resolves the problem for a better user experience.

Loophole Testing

As a part of any QA process, we specifically test our product to ensure no loopholes, deficiencies, or security flaws that could be exploited.

Penetration Testing

The mobile wallet app concentrates on protecting the app from outside attacks and it is a crucial part of staying secure. Our team will carry out extensive penetration testing to find and solve any security issues or problems in the app.


Mobile wallet development is a solution for your business that can turn into the best method to manage your customers and increase the database of loyal users.