Imagine on a lonely night, you are walking across the street and a band of goons pops up right in front of you. The first thing they do is snatch away your phone, wallet, and watch. You only have two options in your hand – either you knock them down and grab your things back, or you simply give up the precious things and run for your life!

For sudden critical situations like this, it’s important that you are well-armored with self-defense skills and street fight techniques otherwise you would be in big trouble. To safeguard your life from such deadly risks, learning martial arts can be very useful. Here are the top five martial arts from our recommendation bucket that will come in handy during a street fight!

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1# Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a special combat sport that teaches you to grapple your enemy on the ground and enhances your submission holds. It’s easier to lose focus and go blank about what move to make next during a street fight, jiu-jitsu will not only keep you concentrated and calm but well-equipped with a variety of locks and blocks! This art is considered as the most useful real-life combat fighting by experts all over the world. Moreover, during street fights, only defending yourself is not enough, you have to simultaneously strike your opponent too! After all, you don’t have a whole day to fight with them, the sooner things end the better for you! In that sense, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is quick and hassle-free, though primarily honing the skills through vigorous training and workouts can be very tough! Still on a brighter note, within a few years, you will discover yourself physically and mentally more strong and well-equipped with a wide range of self-defense strategies!

2# Muay Thai

Muay Thai is the most popular form of boxing all around the world. Also referred to as the “Art Of Eight Limbs”, Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand. The kicks and punches taught in this martial art are exceptionally effective in street fights for self-defense. The variety of strikes enhances one’s self-esteem and inner strength during real-life situations. With Muay Thai, the harder you train in the gym the more will you be skilled with advanced throwing techniques and locks. Another advantage, you can gracefully use your opponent’s momentum and even submissions to strengthen your strikes. Though Muay Thai has emerged from Thailand, you don’t have to necessarily travel there to learn. Because of its wide popularity, you will find well-qualified trainers in your own city!

3# Boxing

Undoubtedly, boxing is one of the best sports for effective self-defense. From its wide range of defensive maneuvers, strong footwork, and lock controls – Any ordinary man doesn’t have any chance of standing straight when fighting against a trained boxer. Through years of hard work and training, if you can take yourself to the professional boxing level, you will have higher chances of knocking out your enemy instantly with a punch by your bare knuckles! Some people assume boxing is useless in real life street fights if you don’t have your boxing gloves around – which is an absurd myth. Even if you are not armoured with your boxing belts and gloves, you can still knock out your opponent using your strong fists, speed, and accuracy. When training for boxing in your early stages, you will encounter typical street brawlers which will improve your punching and dodging skills.

4# Kali

Not always will fate be in your favour during street fights, what if the gang of robbers suddenly popping up in front of you are well equipped with knives or even worse? In that case, do you think your bare kicks and punches will come of any vital use? Kali can be your life-savior at such crucial times. Also known as arnis or escrima, this form of martial arts is mostly inspired from Filipino Martial Arts (FMA). This combat sport teaches fighting strikes from both eastern and western martial arts. It’s a weapon-based combat sport trained for by the military forces in countries like the Philippines. From cycle chains, pet leash, swords, machete, and blade to sticks and sickles – Kali covers a variety of weapons during the training period. The fighting techniques used in Kali also improve bare-hand fights.

5# Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the fastest growing and widely-practiced sports in the world. MMA involves grappling, lock heads, and other useful fighting techniques from BJJ, Muay Thai, wrestling, and similar well-known combats across the globe. MMA is great for real-life self-defense situations because you learn all forms of fighting. It takes long years of dedication, vigorous training, and hard work to be successful MMA fighters. The ankle locks, kicks, double-headlocks, throws, punches are useful in both –  inside the MMA cage and ring are effective enough to be implemented in critical street fights or real-life self-defense situations. MMA is going to inculcate a huge advantage in a barred fight. MMA fighters are power-packed with strength, endurance, and technical ability. Now on a safer note, remember – if you can’t knock out your opponent as early as possible with smart efficiency rather become too focused on following the academic MMA techniques instead, your martial art training may cause you to lose, compared to the actual strategies of real-life street fights.

Last but not least, combat sports like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kali, Boxing, Muay Thai, and Mixed Martial Arts – are some of the best martial arts of this world, that are effective not only for random street fights but for any critical situations that demand the skills. The martial arts recommended on our list may not be suitable for everybody. In fact, it may even take years after years to professionally master one martial art. All of them are unique in their respective ways, in terms of training and striking techniques. Mastering these arts will enhance your self-defense, keep you physically fit, improve your self-discipline, and increase your self-esteem!