Steroid – All You Need To Know

Steroid - all you need to know

Steroids have always been in the gray zone, on the border between the miracle means of muscle growth and the rejected form of performance support also in the bedroom. Steroids began to be used for strength and exercise in the 20th century, and bodybuilding, in particular, made them infamous for their anabolic. The first known anabolic steroid was testosterone.

Today, many steroid are viewed by the law as illegal substances, well known in sports as doping. In addition, there are steroids for weight loss, weight gain, muscle volume, or potency.

It is the last area that interests me the most. Maybe a lot of men don’t even know it, but even testosterone is a steroid. Therefore, many men consider buying steroids as an opportunity to increase their manhood and testosterone in the body. However, nothing is more distant from reality.

Steroids: what they are, what they mean and what their effects are?

Steroids are substances that are biologically active compounds found naturally in the human body. In the 1930s, however, synthetic steroids began to be produced, especially synthetic testosterone.

  • From a chemical point of the way, steroids are special polycyclic lipids with a regulatory function.
  • The most important are steroid hormones, which bind to specific receptor proteins on the cell surface, which affects cell function and metabolism.
  • The second known group is anabolic steroids, which are artificially created male hormones used mainly in athletes.

While natural steroids, especially testosterone, are part of our body and their effects are beneficial to humans, synthetic steroids may not be as favorable. This is especially true of anabolic steroids and steroid hormones, which men most often view as miracle remedies like Fildena at himsedpills or vigora.

Several steroids are depending on the type and function. Here are the most important ones:

Phytosterols and ergosterols, which are categories of steroids that are natural, as they are found in plants or fungi,

  • corticosteroids used in medicine and produced in the adrenal cortex affect the metabolism of proteins and sugars
  • Anabolic steroids, which are designed for performance, strength, and muscle growth
  • steroids, so-called steroid hormones that affect the reproductive system

Corticosteroids can have a positive effect in synthetic form, for example, on the treatment of allergies. However, it must be recommended by a doctor. Anabolic steroids can also help the body only with the expert advice of a doctor. Their lay and uncontrolled use, on the other hand, brings with it side effects.

For men, testosterone is of the most significant importance and has effects in the following areas:

  • has a positive impact on fertility and prostate activity
  • helps men increase their physical activity, mainly affects libido, and can also promote a better erection
  • affects overall vitality, feeling of energy and strength and supports muscle growth
  • is also essential for emotional stability and mental balance
  • supports memory and cognitive function

Side effects and problems that steroids can cause

However, in addition to the impact that men expect and demand from steroids, it is necessary to consider the side effects and side effects. For example, suppose you use anabolic steroids for strength and muscle, or other similar synthetic steroids to increase strength, including physical power. In that case, you, unfortunately, have to reckon with the occurrence of several problems.

What exactly is it about? In particular, the impacts in the following areas:

Cardiovascular system:

The first group of side effects is the effects on the heart and blood vessels. For example, men taking steroids have a higher risk of high blood pressure and a higher risk of myocardial infarction.

Hormonal system:

Men taking anabolic steroids may experience increased problems with hormonal estrogen levels. The result can be a condition called gynecomastia, which is characterized by an increase in estrogens and, as a result, higher production of female-type breast tissue.

Skin and hair:

Another area where steroids can work is the skin. The use of steroids increases acne incidence and the occurrence of various skin disorders, especially stretch marks and other similar skin diseases. Hair loss and gradually, baldness may also occur.

Psyche and mental health:

Long-term use of steroids affects the psyche. Men show higher emotional lability, various mood swings, aggression, and also anxiety. The influence on behavior can be of different intensities, depending on the manifestation of psychotic symptoms.

Musculoskeletal system:

Steroids also negatively affect the musculoskeletal system and its functionality, although they are designed to strengthen it. For example, muscle cramps can occur, as is the effect on bone and cartilage growth.

Reproductive system:

The situation is similar in the case of effects on the reproductive system. Although many men use steroids to improve performance in the bedroom, the opposite is true. It can have an adverse impact on the prostate, shrinking the testicles and even reducing the body’s natural stimulation of testosterone.

Excretory system:

Side effects and adverse effects of steroid use may also occur in the excretory system. It can damage your kidneys and cause liver problems.


Long-term use of steroids has adverse effects on the body’s defenses, significantly reducing innate immunity. In extension, there may be a higher risk of developing diseases due to hereditary and genetic predisposition.

How to naturally increase testosterone

Do you want to improve your testosterone levels securely? In this case, you need to prioritize the most natural ways possible. Personally, a combination of several regime measures, changes in lifestyle and lifestyle get Fildena 120 or Fildena 150mg, and supportive products have worked for me. However, I am not talking about any synthetic steroids, but about natural preparations.

But let’s imagine all the possibilities in order:


The first and probably most comfortable thing you can do to increase your testosterone naturally is to change what you eat and drink. Avoid large amounts of refined sugar and low-fat foods. On the contrary, treat yourself to meals with healthy saturated fats. Eliminate alcohol completely, consume caffeine in moderation.

Try to eat eggs, beef, vegetables, almonds, and Brazil nuts. Prepare the meal in olive or extra virgin coconut oil. Drink as much pure water or water with lemon as possible. You can also indulge in some spices. For example, ginger is an excellent stimulant of testosterone. Chili stimulates potency in general.

Lifestyle, stress, and relaxation

Not only how you have, but also how you breathe has a meaningful effect on testosterone production in the body. If possible, adjust your lifestyle so that you can enjoy physical or workload and rest. Getting enough sleep, at least 7 to 8 hours, is ideal for you if your sleep is stable.

It is also necessary to watch the regime during the day. Of course, it should be a matter to avoid stress and mentally demanding situations as much as possible. Take small breaks at work during the day, when you won’t do anything, and you won’t have to focus on anything. Do you think this is nonsense? Statistics say the opposite!

Hardening and plenty of sun

If you want to stimulate testosterone in your body, I also recommend hardening. Showering in cold water worked best for me. Of course, I’ll leave the temperature for you. For the testicles, cooling is an impulse to increase testosterone production, which is why a cold shower can wake them up nicely.

In addition, vitamin D, which can be obtained from the sun, also has an excellent effect on hormone production. If possible, take advantage of sunny days and try to go out so that you catch at least a little bit of color. For example, 20 minutes a day is enough, of course, so that you do not expose yourself to the sun in the summer when it harms the most.

Regular love and intense movement

No, it’s not a superstition. Regular intercourse can stimulate testosterone production in men, even in old age. It’s like a vicious circle because more love means more testosterone, and more testosterone means more love. In addition, it is one of the more pleasant ways to increase this hormone.

The second way is to indulge in regular exercise. But it should not be a prolonged exercise, but rather an intense type of movement that lasts a shorter time. It is recommended to train for 40 to 60 minutes with the highest possible frequency, so sprints, circuit training, or fitness exercises focused on building explosiveness are ideal.

Tablets supporting testosterone stimulation

One of the most natural ways to externally support the stimulation of testosterone production in the body is nature. I am thinking of various plants and herbs that have long-term proven effects on libido and, therefore, also on testosterone. So it’s something completely different, like the synthetic steroid and anabolic I discussed in the introduction.

These preparations most often contain a combination of extracts and plant extracts that support the natural stimulation of testosterone in the human body. The second group is products containing only a single ingredient, such as Tribulus Terrestris plants. In both cases, they are over-the-counter products.

Hormone therapy

If there is a pathological cause behind the lack of testosterone in the body, professional medical treatment is necessary. It is a hormonal treatment in the form of prescription drugs or the form of injectable treatments given intravenously. The purpose of therapy is to restore the missing testosterone and support the production of the natural one.

However, hormonal treatment is intended only for specific cases and only when there is an acute and severe testosterone deficiency. Therefore, these are cases of older men or cases where testosterone is not produced in the testicles during adolescence due to insufficient development.