Best Fashion Designing Courses to do Online in India

Best Fashion Designing Courses to do Online in India
Best Fashion Designing Courses to do Online in India

Looking for the best fashion designing courses to do online? With changing times, a lot many things have changed but fashion is one such industry that has never lost its charm and has always been in demand. We believe that this industry will keep on attracting people from all walks of life. Hence, it will continue to grow. 

Fashion is an ever-evolving field and to make a successful career in this profession or master the art of fashion designing online has come as a good option as it gives you a chance to learn anywhere and anytime. We understand that with so many online courses available, it becomes difficult to choose the right course that can help you gain the required skills eventually helping you in becoming a good designer. We in order to help you in your search have prepared a list of best online fashion designing courses based on research done by our team. Let’s dive into it –

1. Fashion as a design By The Museum of Modern Art by Course era

This course offered by the course era is one of the best fashion designing courses to do online. This course will help you learn the skills of fashion designing from start by industry experts, designers, and makers who have worked in this field for a long time. It is a good course for the one who has just kept foot in this profession and wants to dive deep into the world of fashion. This online class will help you take through the process of cloth building – beginning from getting knowledge of a variety of cloth material, then learning how to build effective designs, and finally the skill of marketing it. In addition to it will get you insights about the history of garment making along with understanding the relation between dresses, culture, politics, and individuals which is very useful information for an individual wanting to build a career in this field. 

2. Institute of Design and Technology, Jaipur

Institute of Design and Technology, Jaipur (IDT Jaipur) is among the leading institutes of fashion designing with several branches in different parts of India has come up with its 3 months comprehensive online course to help you know everything about fashion. This educational institute believes that learning should never stop and people who are passionate about this field should able to cater to their dreams even if they cannot come to them The institute with its course – “Fashion design executive Program”, will teach you about fashion creation from designing to marketing, fashion strategy, and management, fashion innovation, visual communication and branding, and a lot more. The institute also provides one more course named “Fashion Design”, which lets you know about the basics of designing, Fashion Computer Aided Design, Fashion Merchandising coupled with a project which will give you get first-hand experience of working in the field of fashion. Above all, it also gives you a facility to upgrade these courses anytime to a full-time classroom course. 

3. Learn to build a fashion brand ( Master Class)

This online course by Diane Von Furstenberg, a renowned fashion stylist is especially for those people who want to start their own venture or build a brand from scratch on the lines of fashion. This master class will guide you in flourishing your brand by telling you only not only how to create a product but by letting you know how to make a mark in this fashion industry, how to position your brand and differentiate it from others, how to do product and market research, how to search for gaps in product offerings, how to from logos and decide names for your brand, how to build a relationship with your customers and a lot more through a series of 17 video lessons. This course holds very vital information for people who desire to create a fashion brand but don’t know where to start from or who is running a brand but are not able to sell it. 

4. The University of Fashion 

The University of Fashion started in 2013 is a website operated by Francesca Sterlacci an American fashion designer, author, and entrepreneur which provides the best fashion designing courses to do online for fashion enthusiasts and groups like schools and libraries. The website is the largest fashion design video library in the world that offers a wide range of courses related to fashion like draping, pattern making, sewing, fashion art, childrenswear, menswear, CAD pattern making, fashion business, and product development, and a lot more. The courses are demonstrated in the form of how to do video lessons by fashion school professors and industry professionals that are very easy to comprehend. These courses will open opportunities for you to shape your career in different areas of fashion and are divided into beginner, intermediate and advance levels catering to the needs of beginning fashion students as well as experienced. 

5. International Career Institute 

International Career Institute is considered as one of the reputed institutes for providing online education in the field of fashion designing. The institute aims at preparing courses in consultation with various industry representatives enabling students to become a fashion design pro and increasing their value to employers. The perks of doing courses from them are that you will get access to your personal tutor who will evaluate your work and give advice along with employment assistance. This fashion designing course covers various aspects of fashion like an introduction to fashion designing, fashion and design process, fashion design skills, fashion design careers, marketing your designs, and much more. At the end of the course, you will attain a diploma or advanced diploma depending on which level you enroll. 

This brings us to the end of our list of best fashion designing courses to do online. Our only aim is to assist you in getting the best courses so that you can build a successful career in the field of fashion. Hope you enjoyed reading this article and it helped you in gaining useful insights.