8 Best Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss in 2022

8 Best Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss in 2022
8 Best Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss in 2022

Everyone seems to start the year with many resolutions. Perhaps the most common resolution is to lose weight. For some, that can be a highly beneficial thing to do, especially after Christmas when many of us overindulge too much and for too long. Starting the year in a healthier way can also be a fantastic opportunity to get into good habits that can see you eating healthier over a longer period of time than just for when you are losing weight. 

One of the reasons why many people do not lose weight successfully however and quit their resolution before it has really got off the ground is because they do not set themselves realistic targets. The feeling of failure that occurs as a result then means that many people give up on their weight loss goals quickly. One such unrealistic target maybe only eats at breakfast, lunch or dinner. However, the problem with that is it means a person is likely to be hungry a lot of the time. As a result, they feel like they do not have what it takes to stick to a diet, so give up. Or, they eat far too much at mealtimes and almost gorge themselves which makes it hard to lose weight

Snacking is, therefore, a really good idea to help weight loss. However, healthy snacking is the key. If you have plenty of healthy snack ideas that are ready to prep when you are at home or easy to take out and about with you, you are far more likely to not put your hand in the biscuit tin, or buy a packet of saturated fat-laden crisps. Here, we list our favourites to eat alongside weight loss meals and will ensure you are snacking on food full of nutrients and good fats that keep you fuller for longer.  

Healthy snack ideas:

1. Peanut butter and apple

Peanut butter is a fantastic source of protein and is also great to eat when on a diet as it feels a lot ‘naughtier’ than it is. When coupled with apple, it is a really delicious, and highly nutritious snack that will satiate your taste buds as well as your hunger. Apples are jam-packed with fibre so you can ensure your digestive system is working properly. When buying peanut butter, try to ensure that you buy jars that only list peanuts and the smallest amount of salt. Anything more can be oils that are bad for you and sometimes the environment. 

2. Greek yoghurt

Greek yoghurt is a good snack to have between meals – though many nutritionists advocate eating the full-fat kind to ensure you are getting the ultimate goodness. Like peanut butter, it tastes far more sinful than it is, yet is exceptionally filling. It’s also a great source of protein too so that you stay full for longer. It’s also a good snack if you are following a gluten-free meal diet as part of a gluten-free meal delivery scheme. 

3. Mixed nuts

While nuts are high in fat, they are a good snack to have to hand when trying to lose weight. They are filling, yet not full of preservatives that some more traditional snacks, like crisps or store-bought muesli bars, can be. They are also a great snack to have when on the go. They are often available at the checkout counter at supermarkets in snack sizes, or even in newsagents. Again, mixed nuts are suitable to eat alongside any gluten-free meal delivery scheme. 

4. Kale chips

Kale is a true superfood. It is full of nutrients that your body needs to run efficiently. Turning them into ‘chips’ is the perfect way to eat them as a snack. All you need to do is roast the leaves, once torn off the stems, in the oven with olive oil. The crunch that is created when roasting them makes them very moreish. Adding salt provides flavour, though only a small amount should be used as salt in high doses is bad for your body. 

5. Carrot sticks and dip

Carrots are highly nutritious and very low in calories. Putting a healthy dip on the side is a good idea as it means you can introduce a protein (like chickpeas in hummus for example) that are full of flavour. By adding in a big flavour punch, the snack is more entertaining and not as mundane to eat. As a result, you are likely to be satisfied with it as well as upping the number of nutrients you are consuming.  

6. Dark chocolate and nuts

That’s right, you read chocolate on our list of healthy snacks. However, it is dark chocolate that you need to ensure you are eating. Dark chocolate is actually not that bad for you as it is low in sugar (especially in comparison to other mild or white chocolates). Plus, it has enough creaminess to it that you feel like you are having a treat. The nuts are filling and will help you stave off hunger pangs so that you can ensure you do not overeat your weight loss meals delivered UK.

7. Guacamole and crudite

Avocados are a fantastic source of many different types of vitamins and nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. They are also loaded with good fats which help keep your skin and hair looking great. They also taste wonderful too and feel far more indulgent than they actually are. Eating guacamole is a brilliant way to enjoy avocados, especially if you add in some lime juice, chopped tomatoes and diced red onions. Crudite on the side is another way to up the amount of veg in your diet. 

8. Boiled eggs

Finally, many people forget what powerhouses eggs are when it comes to nutrient richness. Plus, they’re cheap and exceptionally easy to prepare. Boiled eggs are a fantastic weight-loss snack as not only are they filling, they are also a brilliant source of protein that you can put in a packed lunch or snack box easily. You can prepare them a night or two in advance and they will keep, meaning that you can always have this snack at your fingertips for when hunger strikes.